Appropriations Committee

            February 16, 2015 - 7:30 AM


            Health and Human Services Commission


                                 Cundall, Mark (Self)

                                 Miller, Jolene (Saafe House)

                                 Setliff, Aaron (The Texas Council on Family Violence)

                                 Warren, Kevin (Texas Health Care Association)


                                 Borel, Dennis (Coalition of Texans with Disabilities)

                                 Chimene, Grace (Self; League of Women voters of Texas)

                                 Coghlan, Brett (Self; Texas Ambulance Assoc and Austin County EMS)

                                 Cranston, Catherine (Self; Personal Attendant coalition of texas  (PACT))

                                 Cranston, Ron (Self; ADAPT of TX/PACT)

                                 Dudensing, Jamie (TAHP)

                                 Dunkelberg, Anne (Center for Public Policy Priorities)

                                 Fallon, Katy (Legislative Budget Board)

                                 Francis, Will (National association of social workers - Texas chapter)

                                 Francis, Will (National association of social workers - Texas chapter)

                                 French, Lesley (Health & Human Services Commission)

                                 Gallagher, Maureen (Self)

                                 Ghahremani, Kay (HHSC)

                                 Griffith, Kathy (Self)

                                 Guerra-Cardus, Laura (Self; Children's Defense Fund - Texas)

                                 Hadley, Bryan (Lbb)

                                 Havel, Christy (Legislative Budget Board)

                                 Hawkins, John (Texas Hospital Association)

                                 Hernandez, Richard (Self; ResCare, Inc.)

                                 Herrera, Norma (Legislative Budget Board)

                                 Hight, Bowden (HHSC)

                                 Hill, Sherry (Texas Assn of Community Health Centers)

                                 Horton, Colleen (Hogg Foundation for Mental Health)

                                 Janek, Kyle (HHSC)

                                 Johnson, Lee (Texas Council of Community Centers)

                                 Kafka, Bob (Self; Adapt of texas               personal attendant coation of texas)

                                 Kirkle, Sarah (Sunset Advisory Commission)

                                 Lawler, Erin (Texas council of community centers)

                                 Linial, George (Leading Age Texas)

                                 Litzinger, Linda (Self)

                                 Lugo, Judy (Texas state employees union)

                                 McClure, Madeline (TexProtects, The Texas Association for the Protection of Children)

                                 McKay, Kyle (Lbb)

                                 Milligan, Maureen (Teaching Hospitals of Texas)

                                 Paleo, Janet (Tx council of community centers)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST


                                 Ramirez, Angelica (State Auditor's Office)

                                 Realini, MD, Janet (Texas Women's Healthcare Coalition)

                                 Rodell, Leora (Legislative Budget Board)

                                 Rymal, Greta (HHSC)

                                 Salovitz, Heiwa (ADAPT of TX)

                                 Simon, Michael (Texas State Auditor's Office)

                                 Sperry, Bryan (Children's Hospital Association of Texas)

                                 Sprinkle, Gklizicki (Texas Ambulance Association)

                                 Subia, Lisa (HHSC)

                                 Van Ramshorst, Ryan (Self; Texas Medical Association, Texas Pediatric Society, Texas

                                 Academy of Family Physicians, Federation of Texas Psychiatry)

                                 Wilson, Stacy (Texas Hospital Associatiom)

                 Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Zadrozny, Michelle (Self; Central Texas Home Care Coalition)


                                 Allgeyer, Rick (HHSC)

                                 Anderson, Cheasty (Self; Chikdren's Defense Fund -Texas)

                                 Arnold, Quinton (HHSC OIG)

                                 Bauman, Ellen (Self)

                                 Berger, Melitta (LBB)

                                 Berry, Jason (Berry family services)

                                 Carruth, Lisa (HHSC)

                                 Corbell, Richard (LBB)

                                 Davis, Kimberly (HHSC)

                                 Ducayet, Patty (Office of the State Long-term Care Ombudsman)

                                 Garza, Rolando (HHSC)

                                 Guevara, Chris (Legislative budget board)

                                 Hernandez, Maria (Legislative Budget Board)

                                 Ivie, Julie (Legislative Budget Board)

                                 Kinsey, David (HHSC)

                                 Mendl, Jason (HHSC)

                                 Muth, Stephanie (HHSC)

                                 Noble, Shannon (Texas Counseling Association)

                                 Saxton, Josette (Texans Care for Children)

                                 Smith, Casey (United Ways of Texas)

                                 Spock, Karl (Sunset Commission)

                                 Tate, Joe (Self; Community NOW!)

                                 Tate, Joe (Self; Community Now!)

                                 Traylor, Chris (HHSC)

                                 Warner, Carrie (Adapt pact)


                                                                                    WITNESS LIST

            Special Provisions Article II


                                 Miller, Jolene (Saafe House)


                                 Berger, Melitta (LBB)

                                 Coghlan, Brett (Self; Texas Ambulance Assoc and Austin County EMS)

                                 Griffith, Kathy (Self)

                                 Israel, Gordon (Self; Draco Services, Inc.)

                                 Linial, George (Leading Age Texas)

                                 Ritter, Rudolph (PACSTX)

                                 Wilson, Stacy (Texas Hospital Associatiom)