Criminal Justice

            September 22, 2015 10:00 AM

            Jail Safety Standards


                                 Esparza, Maria Anna   (Self), Spring Branch, TX


                                 Brown, Veda   (Self), Prairie View, TX

                                 Claitor, Diana  Director (Texas Jail Project), Austin, TX

                                 Deitch, Michele  Senior Lecturer  (also providing written testimony)  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Fabelo, Tony  Dr.  (also providing written testimony) (Council on State Governments,

                                 Justice Center), Austin, TX

                                 Gann, Laura   (also providing written testimony) (Montgomery County Jail Advocates),

                                 Humble, TX

                                 Gray III, John F  (Daughter Victoria Gray), Lake Jackson, TX

                                 Gutierrez, David  Chair (Board of Pardons and Parole), Gatesville, TX

                                 Lacefield-Lewis, Lauren  Assistant Commissioner for Mental health and Substance abuse

                                 (Department of State health Service), Austin, TX

                                 McClelland, Charles  Chief (Houston Police Department), Houston, TX

                                 Richardson, Kent  Assistant attorney General  (also providing written testimony) (Office of

                                 the Attorney General), Austin, TX

                                 Rowe, Kelly  Sheriff (Sheriff's Association of Texas), Lubbock, TX

                                 Thompson, Sandra  Professor  (also providing written testimony)  (Self; U of H Law),

                                 Houston, TX

                                 Vickers, Kim  Executive Director (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement), Austin, TX

                                 White, Gloria   (Self), Bay City, TX

                                 Wood, Brandon  Executive Director (Texas Commission on Jail Standards), Austin, TX