Senate Floor Action for 7/26/2017



July 26, 2017

Bills laid before the Senate, passed to engrossment; again laid before the Senate, read third time and finally passed:

SB 5 Hancock/ Bettencourt/ Buckingham/ Burton/ Estes/ et al.

Relating to the prevention of fraud in the conduct of an election; creating a criminal offense; increasing criminal penalties.

2 Floor Amendments

SB 6 Campbell/ Buckingham/ Schwertner/ et al.

Relating to municipal annexation.

3 Floor Amendments

SB 8 Creighton/ Bettencourt/ Birdwell/ Buckingham/ Burton/ et al.

Relating to health plan and health benefit plan coverage for elective abortion.

SB 13 (CS)Burton/ et al.

Relating to the issuance of a permit by a political subdivision.

2 Floor Amendments

SB 14 (CS)Hall/ et al.

Relating to a property owner's right to remove a tree or vegetation.

3 Floor Amendments

SB 15 Huffines/ Creighton/ Hall/ Hughes/ Perry/ et al.

Relating to prosecution of certain offenses involving and preemption of local regulation of the use of a wireless communication device while operating a motor vehicle.

The following bills were laid before the Senate and finally passed:

SB 4 Schwertner/ Bettencourt/ Birdwell/ Buckingham/ Burton/ et al.

Relating to prohibiting certain transactions between a governmental entity and an abortion provider or affiliate of the provider.

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 64 Zaffirini

Recognizing Victor Treviño Jr. for his achievements as an Ironman competitor.

SR 76 Huffines

Commending Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson on her efforts in investigating voter fraud.