Amend SB 1882 (house committee printing) as follows:
(1)  Strike page 1, line 7, through page 2, line 3, and substitute the following:
Sec. 11.174.  CONTRACT REGARDING OPERATION OF DISTRICT CAMPUS. (a) A school district campus qualifies for an exemption from intervention as provided by Subsection (f) and qualifies for funding as provided by Section 42.2511 if the board of trustees of the district contracts to partner to operate the district campus as provided by this section with:
(1)  the governing body of an open-enrollment charter school; or
(2)  on approval by the commissioner, an entity granted a charter by the district under Subchapter C, Chapter 12, that is eligible to be awarded a charter under Section 12.101(a).
(b)  The board of trustees of a school district may enter into a contract as provided by Subsection (a) only if:
(1)  the charter of the open-enrollment charter school has not been previously revoked;
(2)  for the three school years preceding the school year of the proposed operation of the district campus as described by Subsection (a), the open-enrollment charter school has received:
(A)  an overall performance rating of acceptable or higher under Subchapter C, Chapter 39; and
(B)  a financial accountability rating under Subchapter D, Chapter 39, indicating financial performance of satisfactory or higher; or
(3)  the entity considered for a district authorized charter has not previously operated an open-enrollment charter school in which the charter expired or was revoked or surrendered.
(2)  On page 2, lines 21 and 22, strike "the open-enrollment charter school operates the district campus" and substitute "of operation of a district campus under Subsection (a)".
(3)  Strike page 2, line 27, through page 3, line 6, and substitute the following:
(g)  A campus that receives an exemption from a sanction or other action under Subsection (f) may receive another exemption while operating under a subsequent contract only if the campus receives approval for the exemption from the commissioner.
(4)  Strike page 3, lines 22-25, and substitute the following appropriately lettered subsections:
(____)  An employee of an entity granted a district authorized charter that enters into a contract under this section to operate a district campus is eligible for membership in and benefits from the Teacher Retirement System of Texas if the employee would be eligible for membership and benefits if holding the same position at the district.
(____)  A district proposing to enter into a contract under Subsection (a)(2) shall notify the commissioner of the district's intent to enter into the contract. The commissioner by rule shall establish the procedures for a district to notify the commissioner under this subsection, including the period within which the notification is required before the school year in which the proposed contract would take effect, and for a district and, if necessary, an entity to submit information as required by the commissioner. The commissioner shall notify the district whether the proposed contract is approved not later than the 60th day after the date the commissioner receives notice of the proposed contract and all information required by the commissioner to be submitted. If the commissioner fails to notify the district that the proposed contract has been approved or denied within the period prescribed by this subsection, the proposed contract is considered approved.
(____)  Except as expressly provided by this section, the commissioner may not impose additional requirements on an open-enrollment charter school to be eligible for a contract under Subsection (a).
(____)  The commissioner shall adopt rules as necessary to administer this section, including requirements for an entity and the contract with the entity, including the standards required for an entity to receive approval under Subsection (a)(2).
(5)  Reletter subsequent subsections of Section 11.174, Education Code, accordingly.
(6)  Strike page 4, lines 4-7, and substitute the following:
Sec. 42.2511.  SCHOOL DISTRICT ENTITLEMENT FOR CERTAIN STUDENTS. (a) This section applies only to:
(1)  a school district and an open-enrollment charter school that enter into a contract to operate a district campus as provided by Section 11.174; and
(2)  a charter granted by a school district for a program operated by an entity that has entered into a contract under Section 11.174, provided that the district does not appoint a majority of the governing body of the charter holder.