Senate Research Center

H.B. 257

85R1835 KKR-D

By: Hernandez et al. (Buckingham)


Veteran Affairs & Border Security










Currently, the Labor Code requires the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) to administer the College Credit for Heroes program (CCH) to identify, develop, and facilitate methods of maximizing academic or workforce education credit awarded to veterans and military service members for any military experience, education, and training obtained through their tenure in military service. The CCH, after consultation with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, also provides an annual report that aims to inform veterans and service members of the best practices to achieve maximum education credit, measures needed to facilitate the award of education credit, and other related measures to expedite their entry into the workforce. However, there are a growing number of veterans and service members who experience challenges in transitioning to the civilian workforce. These obstacles are a result of the state's Labor Code not providing for a job-matching service that effectively pairs employers with jobseekers with qualifying military occupation specialties (MOS).


The purpose of H.B. 257 is to address this issue by allowing TWC to utilize existing CCH data to create an annual report that identifies the five most common MOS classifications of veterans and service members transitioning to civilian employment, the five occupations for which their MOS classification best offer transferrable skills, and any industry-based certifications that align with their MOS. H.B. 257 would streamline data critical for in-demand industries seeking to meet their workforce needs. H.B. 257 seeks to address the transitional needs of veterans and servicemembers by highlighting the significance of recognizing their MOS and the qualifications they entail.


H.B. 257 amends current law relating to a report by the Texas Workforce Commission regarding the transition from military service to employment.




This bill does not expressly grant any additional rulemaking authority to a state officer, institution, or agency.




SECTION 1. Amends Subchapter A, Chapter 302, Labor Code, by adding Section 302.020, as follows:


Sec. 302.020. REPORT ON TRANSITION FROM MILITARY SERVICE TO EMPLOYMENT. Requires the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC), in consultation with the Texas Coordinating Council for Veterans Services, not later than September 1 of each year, to submit to the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the house of representatives, and chairs of the legislative committees with appropriate jurisdiction a report that:


(1) identifies the five most common military occupational specialties (MOSs) of servicemembers who are transitioning from military service to employment, the five occupations for which the identified MOSs best offer transferable skills that meet the needs of employers, and any industry-based certifications that align with the identified MOSs; and


(2) includes any other data or other information identified by TWC in administering the College Credit for Heroes program under Section 302.0031 (College Credit for Heroes Program), as useful for supporting the transition of servicemembers and veterans into the identified occupations.


SECTION 2. Requires TWC, not later than September 1, 2018, to submit the initial report required by Section 302.020, Labor Code, as added by this Act.


SECTION 3. Effective date: September 1, 2017.