85R32163 KSM-D
  By: Hinojosa H.R. No. 2599
         WHEREAS, Texans and visitors from across the nation benefit
  greatly from the dedicated efforts of the employees of the State
  Preservation Board; and
         WHEREAS, This vital state agency is responsible for the
  preservation and maintenance of the historic buildings in the
  Capitol Complex, and it approves all construction, repair, and
  renovation work; the agency also provides educational and
  curatorial services, operates the Capitol Visitors Center and gift
  shops, offers guided tours to the public, schedules and manages
  public events, and operates the visitors parking garage; and
         WHEREAS, Executive director Rod Welsh oversees the State
  Preservation Board with the able assistance of the executive staff,
  David L. Byers, Bob Cash, Erin Christensen, Linda L. Gaby, Dale G.
  Hernandez, Alice B. James, Cynthia Provine, and Ann M. Vay, as well
  as the skilled members of the finance and accounting department,
  Lindsey A. Alvarado, Barbara Hanus, Angela Knoll, Deanna L. Wall,
  and Monica H. Young; the agency's work further benefits from the
  support of its administrative personnel, Virginia Benavidez,
  Robert M. Davis, Jane A. Falkenberg, Patricia G. Hernandez-Ruiz,
  Leslie Pawelka, Rachel S. Ramirez, Valerie Rockwell, and Helen
  Sumers, as well as IT staff members Andre Bygrave and Rosemary
  Rodriguez; and
         WHEREAS, The curatorial staff consists of Richard T.
  Eisenhour, Paige A. Hester, and Michelle Lambing; educational tours
  are offered by Leslie Covington, Marilena Crouchet, Suzanna Ewert,
  Analise Garcia, Timothy Hood, William Kelly, Nancy Korzilius, Sarah
  Ledoux, Amanda Magera, Cat McGrath-Farmer, Justin "Zack" Odom,
  William Padgett, Margie Paz, Katia Peacher, James "Richard" Poland,
  Suzette Rahmann, Karen Rohe, Katharine Shirley, Mary Grace
  Stanford, Comfort K. Tysen, Katheryn Wells, Amy Wolfgang, Derrick
  Wright, Jayme Zigler, Georgia Zunker, and Nicholas A. Edwards; and
         WHEREAS, Members of the public are welcomed every day to the
  Capitol and the Visitors Center by staffers Eric A. Boedy,
  Elizabeth Garzone, Leigh Gershman, Idali Reyes, Amy Russell,
  Kandace D. Russell, R. Kyle Schlafer, Kyle Walker, and Jenna
  Archuletta, and the retail staff includes Sheryl D. Baker, Michael
  J. Dillon, and Carolyn Rzeppa; other essential members of the SPB
  team are Angela Carver, Edna Gamboa, Nancy Hennessy, and Angelia
  Rios Hennigan in the Capitol Visitors Center gift shop, Misha Karen
  Buckman, Ingrid Earls, Thomas Farley, Gina Filipponi, Joe Lung,
  Mikki Pasasadaba, and Jack Whalen in the Capitol Extension gift
  shop, Michael Coronado, Elizabeth A. Deutchman, and Karen N.
  Griffin at the retail warehouse, and Irene G. Arispe,
  Christopher B. Currens, Gladys Howard, Maria Martinez, Edward
  "Luke" McNicholas, John Stephen Morrow, and Amanda Remillard at the
  visitors parking garage; and
         WHEREAS, The outstanding employees who are responsible for
  the care and maintenance of the landmark buildings and monuments
  are Steven E. Aguirre, Kevin M. Koch, Mark Lindsey, Joe Medina,
  Araceli Ripper, and Douglas R. Young of facilities management, Eric
  Avery, Tommy Bailey, Roberto Carlos Benavides, Peter Castilleja,
  Delbert "Audey" Friar, Jacob Gould, Ricky L. Grimes, William Hoes,
  William Kleinebecker, Terry L. Pyle, Lawrence R. Starkes, Robert
  "Eric" Tamayo, Vincent Tamayo, Norman Taylor, Gregory V. Taylor,
  Alejandro "Alex" Villalobos, and William M. Wilson of the
  maintenance crew, Betty Benavides, Laura G. Cuellar, Crisostoma
  Espino-Recendiz, Arturo Lopez Estrada, Eliceo Hernandez, Diane M.
  Magallanez, Rafaela Mila, Chinh C. Nguyen, Aida Robles, Eric
  Rodriguez, Maria Rodriguez, and Flora E. Torres of the housekeeping
  team, and Brian Abercrombie, Antonio Delgado, Jeffery "Brent"
  Dickerson, and Hector N. Medrano of the groundskeeping staff; and
         WHEREAS, Through their dedicated stewardship of a rich
  legacy, the administrators and employees of the State Preservation
  Board are rendering a vital service to the people of Texas and
  introducing countless visitors to the remarkable story of the Lone
  Star State; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 85th Texas
  Legislature hereby commend the staff of the State Preservation
  Board for their exemplary service; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for the State Preservation Board as an expression of high
  regard by the Texas House of Representatives.