85R11285 AAF-D
  By: Nelson S.B. No. 1024
  relating to the definition of an authorized emergency vehicle.
         SECTION 1.  Section 541.201(1), Transportation Code, is
  amended to read as follows:
               (1)  "Authorized emergency vehicle" means:
                     (A)  a fire department or police vehicle;
                     (B)  a public or private ambulance operated by a
  person who has been issued a license by the Department of State
  Health Services;
                     (C)  an emergency medical services vehicle:
                           (i)  authorized under an emergency medical
  services provider license issued by the Department of State Health
  Services under Chapter 773, Health and Safety Code; and
                           (ii)  operating under a contract with an
  emergency services district that requires the emergency medical
  services provider to respond to emergency calls with the vehicle;
                     (D)  a municipal department or public service
  corporation emergency vehicle that has been designated or
  authorized by the governing body of a municipality;
                     (E)  a county-owned or county-leased emergency
  management vehicle that has been designated or authorized by the
  commissioners court;
                     (F)  a vehicle that has been designated by the
  department under Section 546.0065;
                     (G)  a private vehicle of a volunteer firefighter
  or a certified emergency medical services employee or volunteer
  when responding to a fire alarm or medical emergency;
                     (H)  an industrial emergency response vehicle,
  including an industrial ambulance, when responding to an emergency,
  but only if the vehicle is operated in compliance with criteria in
  effect September 1, 1989, and established by the predecessor of the
  Texas Industrial Emergency Services Board of the State Firemen's
  and Fire Marshals' Association of Texas;
                     (I)  a vehicle of a blood bank or tissue bank,
  accredited or approved under the laws of this state or the United
  States, when making emergency deliveries of blood, drugs,
  medicines, or organs;
                     (J)  a vehicle used for law enforcement purposes
  that is owned or leased by a federal governmental entity; [or]
                     (K)  a private vehicle of an employee or volunteer
  of a county emergency management division in a county with a
  population of more than 46,500 and less than 48,000 that is
  designated as an authorized emergency vehicle by the commissioners
  court of that county; or
                     (L)  an emergency management or airport security
  vehicle that:
                           (i)  is owned or leased by a joint board
  created under Section 22.074; and
                           (ii)  has been designated or authorized by
  the joint board.
         SECTION 2.  This Act takes effect September 1, 2017.