Supplemental House Calendar

Wednesday, May 03, 2017



********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

SB 347              Watson / et al.

SP: Phelan

Relating to the applicability of open meetings and public information laws to regional water planning groups and their committees.

SB 16               Nichols / et al.

SP: King, Phil / Zerwas / Kacal / Cook / Burns / et al.

Relating to decreasing the fee for the issuance of an original or renewed license to carry a handgun.

********** EMERGENCY CALENDAR **********

SB 21               Birdwell / et al.

SP: King, Phil

Relating to the qualifications, duties, and limitations of Texas delegates to a convention called under Article V of the United States Constitution.


SJR 38              Estes / et al.

SP: Darby

Rescinding certain applications made by the Texas Legislature to the United States Congress to call a national convention under Article V of the United States Constitution for proposing any amendment to that Constitution.

********** EMERGENCY CALENDAR **********

HB 505              Geren / Howard / Button

Relating to restrictions on lobbyist expenditures from certain political contributions.

HB 501              Capriglione / Button / González, Mary

Relating to the disclosure of certain contracts, services, and compensation in personal financial statements filed by public officers and candidates.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 1285             Rose

Relating to the delegation of death certification to attending physicians in certain counties.

HB 3360             Button / Deshotel / Villalba / Gooden / Faircloth / et al.

Relating to a periodic review by the Economic Incentive Oversight Board of the ad valorem tax incentive program established by the Texas Economic Development Act.

HB 136              Bell / Koop / Johnson, Jarvis / Israel / Villalba / et al.

Relating to inclusion of career and technology education and workforce training in the mission of public education.

HB 874              Kuempel

Relating to a charitable raffle ticket awarded as a bingo prize.

HB 928              White / Rose / Giddings / Neave / et al.

Relating to assisting certain children who are in foster care or who have been adopted in the process of applying to institutions of higher education.

HB 1414             Cortez / Arévalo / Gutierrez / Perez / Anderson, Charles "Doc" / et al.

Relating to the overseas military e-mail ballot program.

HB 3997             Raymond

Relating to fees imposed by a county for licensing a junkyard or automotive wrecking and salvage yard.

HB 1296             Frullo / Oliverson / Larson / Zerwas / et al.

Relating to health benefit coverage for prescription drug  synchronization.

HB 20               Capriglione / Bonnen, Dennis / Howard / Walle / et al.

Relating to the review, oversight, and reporting of certain state agency contracts.

HB 664              Canales

Relating to the release on bail of a defendant arrested following a violation of a condition of community supervision.

HB 2501             Phillips

Relating to insurance requirements for certain nonemergency medical transportation.

HB 2715             Darby

Relating to the composition and use of money in the oil and gas regulation and cleanup fund.

HB 2039             Huberty / Koop / Johnson, Eric / Anchia

Relating to creating an early childhood certification to teach students in prekindergarten through grade three.

HB 2174             Darby / et al.

Relating to the regulation of motor fuel quality and motor fuel metering devices.

HB 2817             González, Mary / King, Tracy O. / Stucky

Relating to the prosecution of and punishment for the offense of criminal mischief involving the death of a head of cattle or bison or a horse.

HB 3276             Oliverson / Smithee / Cook / Turner / et al.

Relating to notice of health benefit plan provider network status provided by certain freestanding emergency medical care facilities.

HB 1133             Sheffield / Zerwas / Price / Cook / Raymond / et al.

Relating to the reimbursement of prescription drugs under Medicaid and the child health plan program.

HB 3765             Longoria

Relating to directing payment, after approval, of certain miscellaneous claims and judgments against the state out of funds designated by this Act; making appropriations.

HB 727              Guerra / Longoria / Sheffield / Davis, Sarah / Laubenberg

Relating to the use of home telemonitoring services under Medicaid.

HB 1426             Allen / White

Relating to the issuance of a certificate of relief from collateral consequences to certain persons placed on community supervision, including deferred adjudication community supervision.

HB 2950             Burkett / Thompson, Senfronia / Flynn / Raymond

Relating to the continuation and functions of the Texas Board of Nursing and to the regulation of the practice of nursing.

HB 3337             Bonnen, Dennis / et al.

Relating to the eligibility of certain persons to teach a driver education course.

HB 1543             Burkett

Relating to access to records that pertain to the testing for, and fitting and dispensing of, hearing instruments.

HB 1793             Pickett

Relating to the inspection of certain commercial motor vehicles that are not domiciled in this state.

HB 3063             Kacal

Relating to agricultural liens.

HB 1544             Burkett

Relating to a client's access to certain records of hearing instrument fitters and dispensers.

HB 2065             Phillips / Isaac / Burns / Wray

Relating to fines collected by a county or municipality from the enforcement of commercial motor vehicle safety standards.

HB 2774             Phelan

Relating to the installation of unsafe motor vehicle tires; creating a criminal offense.

HB 3130             Parker / White / Rose / Zerwas / Bonnen, Dennis / et al.

Relating to the establishment of an educational and vocational training pilot program for certain state jail felony defendants.

HB 3370             Craddick

Relating to certain limitations on the increase of a premium, cost, charge, administrative expense, or fee associated with a life insurance policy.

HB 3165             Moody

Relating to the duties of a personal bond pretrial release office.

HB 435              King, Ken / Bailes / Springer / Flynn / Bonnen, Dennis

Relating to the application of certain weapons laws to and liability for certain actions of volunteer emergency services personnel licensed to carry a handgun.

HB 626              Workman / et al.

Relating to late applications for certain exemptions from ad valorem taxation.

HB 486              VanDeaver / Howard

Relating to the calculation of the rollback tax rate of a school district.

HB 681              Wu / Thompson, Senfronia / Moody

Relating to restricting access to certain information that relates to a person convicted of or granted a dismissal after deferral of disposition for a fine-only misdemeanor offense.

HB 834              Parker

Relating to regulating the custody transfer of an adopted child; creating a criminal offense.

HB 4054             Murphy

Relating to the application of sales and use taxes to certain food items.

HB 3903             Burkett

Relating to certain political contributions by judicial candidates and officeholders and certain political committees.

HB 3784             Holland / King, Phil / Price / Wray / et al.

Relating to persons approved by the Department of Public Safety to administer online the classroom instruction part of the handgun proficiency course.

HB 3675             Paddie / Raymond / Rose

Relating to the provision of eye health care by certain professionals and institutions as providers in the Medicaid managed care program.

HB 1980             VanDeaver

Relating to the high school graduation of a student who transfers to a public school in this state after the student's junior year of high school.

HB 1076             Oliverson / Howard / Sheffield / Meyer / VanDeaver / et al.

Relating to the mandatory spinal screening of public and private school students.

HB 714              Wu / Alvarado / Thierry / Elkins / Davis, Sarah

Relating to the civil prosecution of offenses involving certain municipal parking ordinances; authorizing a civil fine.

HB 2286             Landgraf

Relating to the qualifications for service as a grand juror and to the selection of grand jurors.

HB 2205             Kuempel

Relating to a report of child abuse or neglect made by an employee of a school district or an open-enrollment charter school.

HB 2931             Moody

Relating to the nonsubstantive revision of certain provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure, including conforming amendments.

HB 3025             King, Tracy O. / Murr

Relating to open, uncovered, abandoned, or deteriorated wells.

HB 3872             Lucio III

Relating to a motion for forensic DNA testing of certain evidence previously subjected to faulty testing.

HB 3788             Koop / Rose / Miller / Keough / Anchia

Relating to child-to-caregiver ratios and group sizes in licensed day-care centers and reporting certain information related to child safety.

HB 3323             Deshotel / Huberty

Relating to the evaluation of and improvements to the quality of the Texas Workforce Commission's subsidized child care program.

HB 2615             Goldman / et al.

Relating to the licensing of towing operators and vehicle storage facility employees by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

HB 1976             Sheffield

Relating to a study of the use of a patient-reported outcomes registry in conjunction with health coverage for certain governmental employees.

HB 913              Alvarado / King, Phil / Koop / Moody / Phelan

Relating to the prosecution of the criminal offense of the possession, manufacture, transport, repair, or sale of certain prohibited explosive weapons.

HB 579              Turner

Relating to notice by a state agency regarding certain contracts for which the actual cost exceeds the contracted amount.

HB 1500             Giddings / Guillen

Relating to indicators of achievement under the public school accountability system.

HB 1449             Simmons / Workman / Paddie / et al.

Relating to prohibiting local governments from imposing certain fees on new construction.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 1755             Neave

Relating to jury summons questionnaires.

HB 1102             Hernandez

Relating to providing a telephone number for certain governmental purposes.

HB 1103             Hernandez

Relating to excluding a person on the suspense list from jury duty and the use of the address of a person submitted by the voter registrar to the secretary of state in preparing a jury wheel.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********

HB 1635             Smithee / Fallon

Relating to the authority of the commissioner of insurance to request a state innovation waiver for certain small group health benefit plans of certain federal actuarial value and level of coverage requirements.

********** POSTPONED BUSINESS **********
UNTIL 10:00 AM

HB 2417             Frullo

Relating to the composition of the Texas Historical Commission.

HB 1924             Elkins

Relating to the availability of certain hotel occupancy tax information.

********** EMERGENCY CALENDAR **********

HB 2465             Davis, Sarah

Relating to political contributions by corporations and labor organizations to certain political committees.

HB 2470             Davis, Sarah

Relating to permitting the Texas Ethics Commission to provide seminars and charge an attendance fee for those seminars.

HB 2471             Davis, Sarah

Relating to prohibiting political contributions and political expenditures made by certain persons with public funds; creating a criminal offense.


HJR 37              Johnson, Eric

Proposing a constitutional amendment relating to legislative authority to permit credit unions and other financial institutions to award prizes by lot to promote savings.

********** GENERAL STATE CALENDAR **********

HB 22               Huberty / Bonnen, Dennis / King, Ken / Meyer / Bernal / et al.

Relating to public school accountability.

HB 23               Huberty

Relating to a grant program to fund innovative programs for public school students with autism.

HB 1917             Raymond / Price / Zerwas / Longoria / Davis, Sarah / et al.

Relating to contract requirements for prescription drug benefits provided by Medicaid managed care organizations.

HB 550              Guillen

Relating to sound-producing devices on vessels.

HB 967              VanDeaver

Relating to the powers of the TexAmericas Center.

HB 1566             Frullo / Collier

Relating to mediation of the settlement of certain out-of-network health benefit claims involving balance billing.

HB 1633             Rodriguez, Justin / Cortez / Minjarez

Relating to bill payment assistance programs offered by certain municipalities.

HB 1776             Ashby / Huberty / Price

Relating to including a civics test in the graduation requirements for public high school students and to eliminating the United States history end-of-course assessment instrument.

HB 1753             Farrar / Smithee / Neave

Relating to authorizing a beneficiary designation that transfers a motor vehicle at the owner's death.

HB 2468             Davis, Sarah

Relating to a study on the assessments used by the Board of Pardons and Paroles to make parole decisions.

HB 2529             Meyer / Thompson, Senfronia / Parker / Burkett / et al.

Relating to the definition of coercion for purposes of the offense of trafficking of persons.

HB 3921             Parker / Price / Anderson, Charles "Doc" / Thierry

Relating to the financial exploitation of certain vulnerable adults.

HB 2646             Martinez, "Mando"

Relating to advance acquisition of real property for a transportation facility.

HB 2771             Phelan

Relating to the elimination of a fee collected for an on-site wastewater treatment permit application.

HB 3537             Geren

Relating to the use of money subject to restrictions under federal law that is credited to the deferred maintenance fund account.

HB 3593             Bernal / Capriglione / Cortez / King, Phil / Bohac / et al.

Relating to instruction in career and technology education provided by public schools, including instruction in technology applications, cybersecurity, and computer coding, and to consideration of completed practicums and internships in school accountability ratings.

HB 4237             Moody / Coleman / Price / Lozano / Turner / et al.

Relating to mental health first aid training for university employees.

HB 855              Capriglione / Goldman / Simmons / Rodriguez, Justin

Relating to the management and investment of the economic stabilization fund and the Texas legacy distribution fund, including the determination of a sufficient balance within the economic stabilization fund.

HB 1808             Meyer / Thompson, Senfronia / Parker

Relating to the prosecution and punishment of certain trafficking and sexual offenses.

HB 3849             Zerwas

Relating to the creation and re-creation of funds and accounts, the dedication and rededication of revenue, and the exemption of unappropriated money from use for general governmental purposes.

HB 2639             Pickett / Zerwas / Raymond / Wray / King, Phil / et al.

Relating to an alert for a missing senior citizen or person with Alzheimer's disease.

HB 3976             Ashby / Zerwas / Huberty / Bernal / Bonnen, Dennis

Relating to the administration of and benefits payable under the Texas Public School Retired Employees Group Benefits Act.

HB 1410             Ortega / Wu / Frank

Relating to the ability of foster parents to intervene in certain suits affecting the parent-child relationship.

HB 935              Zerwas / Darby / Kacal / Longoria / Price / et al.

Relating to emergency medical air transportation funding.

HB 1407             Sheffield / Paddie / Darby / Price / Bernal

Relating to the establishment of the emergency medical services assistance program.

HB 2804             Price

Relating to the emergency scheduling of certain controlled substances for the purpose of the prosecution and punishment of certain offenses under the Texas Controlled Substances Act; expanding the application of certain criminal offenses.

HB 2575             Meyer

Relating to certain requirements imposed on a sex offender who enters the premises of a school.

HB 1586             King, Tracy O.

Relating to the services that require a structural pest control license; changing the applicability of an occupational license.

HB 1629             Coleman

Relating to the development of a quality-based outcome measure for the child health plan program and Medicaid regarding certain persons with HIV.

HB 1645             Lozano / Guillen / Oliverson / Koop / Anderson, Rodney / et al.

Relating to requiring certain school districts to allow students who participate in Special Olympics to earn a letter on that basis.

HB 2070             Smithee

Relating to the enforcement of certain warranties for a new motor vehicle.

HB 2101             Frullo / Villalba

Relating to the issuance of a food and beverage certificate to holders of certain alcoholic beverage permits and licenses.

HB 2370             Paddie

Relating to the participation of deregulated telecommunications companies in the lifeline program.

HB 2577             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the regulation of bingo games; authorizing fee refunds.

HB 2578             Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to the elimination of certain fees for licensure and the disposition of certain fees collected by the Texas Lottery Commission under the Bingo Enabling Act.

HB 2377             Larson / Lucio III

Relating to the development of brackish groundwater.

HB 3172             Button / Alvarado / Springer / Gooden / Murphy / et al.

Relating to the establishment of an electronic information and application system for state incentives for economic development purposes.

HB 3379             Paddie / Giddings / Perez / Meyer

Relating to the eligibility process for customer service benefits.

HB 3529             Capriglione / Alonzo

Relating to the comptroller's investment of certain money held outside the state treasury.

HB 3664             King, Tracy O.

Relating to the establishment of a program for marketing, promotion, research, and education efforts regarding Texas wine; authorizing assessments.

HB 3295             Klick

Relating to the delivery of certain Medicaid services to persons with an intellectual or developmental disability.

HB 3051             King, Phil

Relating to the categories used to record the race or ethnicity of persons stopped for or convicted of traffic offenses.

HB 3026             Phelan / Rodriguez, Justin / Dean / Walle

Relating to the abolishment of the used oil recycling account, deposits of used oil recycling fees, and use of the water resource management account.

HB 2442             King, Ken

Relating to the minutes of operation required for public school districts, charter schools, and other education programs and to calculating the average daily attendance for certain education programs.

HB 2435             Wray

Relating to public improvement projects financed by or through assessments levied on property by municipalities and counties.

HB 2572             Deshotel / Phelan

Relating to the deployment of advanced metering and meter information networks in certain non-ERCOT areas.

HB 2381             Frullo

Relating to the applicability of the sales and use tax to certain insurance services.

HB 2228             Murphy

Relating to deadlines for performing various functions in connection with the ad valorem tax system.

HB 2130             Roberts / Dean / Simmons / Moody

Relating to a study conducted by the Texas Education Agency regarding the statewide assessment program in relation to students in special education programs.

HB 1081             Arévalo / Allen / Dutton

Relating to the new instructional facility allotment under the foundation school program.

HB 1985             Flynn

Relating to debt cancellation agreements offered in connection with certain retail installment contracts and leases for vehicles.

HB 1569             Ashby

Relating to the disclosure to public schools of certain records of students placed in residential facilities.

HB 1342             Parker / et al.

Relating to child sexual abuse prevention training for public school students.

HB 3158             Flynn / Villalba / Koop / Alonzo / Meyer / et al.

Relating to the retirement systems for and the provision of other benefits to police and fire fighters in certain municipalities.

HB 14               Murr / Davis, Sarah / Springer / Oliverson

Relating to the carrying of handguns by license holders on the property of state hospitals; providing a civil penalty.

HB 2040             King, Phil

Relating to the building code standards for new residential construction in the unincorporated area of certain counties; affecting the prosecution of a criminal offense.

HB 2662             Landgraf

Relating to the Texas Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Compact waste disposal facility.

HB 2207             Kuempel

Relating to procedures and fees for the deposit and safekeeping of wills and other fees collected by court clerks in probate matters; authorizing and increasing fees.

HB 2991             Phillips

Relating to the confidentiality of files related to complaints to and investigations by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.

HB 3417             King, Tracy O.

Relating to the criteria considered by groundwater conservation districts before granting or denying a permit.

HB 3237             Moody

Relating to when search warrant affidavits become public information.

HB 2482             Miller / Zerwas / Reynolds

Relating to the authority of certain counties to operate a roadway clearance program; creating an offense.

HB 2369             Nevárez

Relating to municipal fees charged to public school districts for water and sewer service.

HB 296              Muńoz, Jr.

Relating to a deceptive act or practice related to the sale, marketing, packaging, or advertising of nitrous oxide.

HB 2780             Paddie / Darby / Ashby / Geren / Phelan / et al.

Relating to the purchase of iron and steel products made in the United States for certain governmental entity projects.

HB 2509             Parker / Meyer / Bonnen, Dennis

Relating to the eligibility of certain victims of trafficking of persons for an order of nondisclosure.

HB 2334             Oliverson

Relating to the imposition of a criminal penalty for the violation of a rule adopted or order issued under the Flood Control and Insurance Act.

HB 1345             Dale

Relating to a photograph on a driver's license.

HB 471              Johnson, Eric

Relating to permitting credit unions and other financial institutions to award prizes by lot to promote savings.

HB 515              VanDeaver / Isaac / Deshotel / Ashby / Huberty / et al.

Relating to assessment of public school students and providing accelerated instruction and eliminating performance requirements based on performance on certain assessment instruments.

HB 17               Lozano

Relating to the establishment of the Texas Higher Education Innovation Accelerator for public institutions of higher education.

HB 214              Canales

Relating to a recording of certain proceedings of the Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals and the publication of the recordings.

HB 385              Murphy

Relating to the elimination of certain formula funding and dropped course restrictions for students enrolled in  accelerated, affordable baccalaureate programs at public institutions of higher education.

HB 338              Burrows

Relating to acreage contracts and quantity contracts for the purchase of agricultural products.

HB 423              Wray

Relating to the computation of cost of goods sold for purposes of the franchise tax by taxable entities that transport ready-mixed concrete.

HB 1242             Schofield

Relating to requirements relating to an application for a place on the ballot.

HB 477              Collier

Relating to the provision and use of health coverage information to educate consumers purchasing individual health benefit coverage.

HB 1370             Springer

Relating to sales and use tax information provided to certain local governmental entities.

HB 1404             Allen / Guillen / et al.

Relating to the eligibility of a criminal defendant for an order of nondisclosure of criminal history record information.