Congratulatory And Memorial Calendar

Thursday, March 09, 2017
10:00 AM




HR 121              Alonzo

Honoring the Echota Cherokee of Texas.

HR 418              Reynolds

Congratulating Wanda Adams on her election as president of the Houston Independent School District Board of Education.

HR 629              Craddick

Congratulating Curtis W. Mewbourne of Tyler on his induction into the Petroleum Hall of Fame.

HR 631              Davis, Yvonne

Recognizing Dr. Frederick Douglass Haynes III as Pastor of the Day on March 17, 2017.

HR 632              Davis, Yvonne

Honoring the Reverend Dr. Oscar D. Epps Sr. for serving as Pastor of the Day for the Texas House of Representatives on April 27, 2017.

HR 633              Davis, Yvonne

Recognizing the Reverend James P. Thompson Jr. for his service as Pastor of the Day for the Texas House of Representatives.

HR 634              Davis, Yvonne

Commending ROPP for Girls for its contributions to the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

HR 635              Davis, Yvonne

Recognizing Minister Mariah L. Willis as Pastor of the Day on May 5, 2017.

HR 636              Dutton

Congratulating Pastor L. D. Lee Sr., founder of Greater Vision Church in Houston, on his 30th pastoral anniversary.

HR 637              Dutton

Congratulating Ursula Rachel Cedillo-Johnson of Prairie View on her graduation from Barnard College.

HR 638              Bohac

Congratulating Hunter Alan Gilbert of Houston on achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

HR 641              Simmons

Congratulating Frankie Sprabary on her receipt of an honorary diploma from Lewisville High School.

HR 643              Guerra

Recognizing March 22, 2017, as Texas Easter Seals Day at the State Capitol.

HR 644              Guerra

Congratulating Dr. Fred Farias III of McAllen on being named 2016 Optometrist of the Year by the American Optometric Association.

HR 645              Stucky

Congratulating Micah Pinson of Shady Shores on his selection as one of the top two youth volunteers in Texas by the Prudential Spirit of Community Awards program.

HR 649              Clardy

Commemorating the wedding of Kelly Barnes and Paige Burton of Austin.

HR 651              Phelan

Congratulating the West Orange-Stark High School football team on winning the 2016 UIL 4A Division 2 state championship.

HR 654              Herrero

Congratulating Petronila Elementary School in Robstown on being named a 2016 National Blue Ribbon School.

HR 660              Faircloth

Commemorating the dedication of an Official Texas Historical Marker at Smith Point Community Church in Chambers County.

HR 661              Gonzales, Larry

Congratulating the Hutto Independent School District on being named to the College Board AP District Honor Roll.

HR 670              Simmons

Commending Nicole Jund, Beri Deister, Ashley Nichols, Shelby Dawson, and Becca Chagnon of Creek Valley Middle School in Carrollton for saving the life of a student during a medical emergency.

HR 673              Dutton

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of New Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in Houston.

HR 676              Flynn

Congratulating Mal Fowler on his induction into the East Texas Coaches Association Hall of Honor.

HR 679              Herrero

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Lambert's Bookkeeping and Tax Service in Robstown.

********** MEMORIAL RESOLUTIONS **********

HR 84               Alonzo

Honoring the life of Benito Juarez on March 21, 2017, the 211th anniversary of his birth.

HR 85               Alonzo

Honoring the life of Benito Juarez on March 21, 2018, the 212th anniversary of his birth.

HR 627              Huberty

In memory of Dr. Charles Aubrey "Mickey" LeMaistre.

HR 639              Bohac

In memory of Robert K. Murphy of Houston.

HR 650              Lang

In memory of Sergeant William Karl Keesee of the Texas Department of Public Safety.

HR 653              Herrero

In memory of Silvestra Romo Ramirez of Robstown.