Senate Bills Returned from House with Amendments for 5/28/2017



May 28, 2017

SB 80 Nelson SP: Price

Relating to certain required reports prepared by state agencies and other governmental entities.

SB 1056 Perry SP: Murr

Relating to the transfer of certain probate proceedings to the county in which the executor or administrator of a decedent's estate resides.

SB 1467 West SP: Lozano/ et al.

Relating to the Texas college work-study program and to establishing a program for the off-campus employment of certain students at public or private institutions of higher education.

SB 1656 Watson/ et al. SP: Rodriguez, Eddie/ et al.

Relating to the eligibility of certain municipalities to establish homestead preservation districts and reinvestment zones.

SB 1666 Huffman SP: Laubenberg/ et al.

Relating to the conduct of primary elections and certain other election practices; increasing a criminal penalty; creating criminal offenses.

SB 1698 Lucio/ et al. SP: Thompson, Senfronia

Relating to outreach and awareness for women veterans in this state.

SB 2293 Creighton SP: Bell

Relating to the creation of Montgomery County Improvement District No. 1; providing authority to issue bonds; providing authority to impose assessments, fees, or taxes.