Senate Floor Action for 2/8/2017



February 8, 2017

The Senate suspended the necessary rules to consider and finally pass:

SB 500 Taylor, Van/ et al.

Relating to the effect of certain felony convictions of public elected officers.

3 Floor Amendments

SB 501 Taylor, Van/ et al.

Relating to the disclosure of certain contracts, services, and compensation in personal financial statements filed by public officers and candidates.

4 Floor Amendments

The Senate suspended the regular order, read third time and finally passed:

SB 4 (CS)Perry/ et al.

Relating to the enforcement by certain local governmental entities and campus police departments of state and federal laws governing immigration and to related duties of certain law enforcement and judicial entities in the criminal justice system.

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 115 Lucio

Congratulating Bobby Joe Morrow on being named the 2016 Texas Legend for the Eddie Lucio Scholarship Fund.

SR 124 Hinojosa/ Kolkhorst/ Lucio/ Zaffirini

Recognizing February 8, 2017, as Coastal Bend Day.

SR 141 Huffman/ Watson

Recognizing February 8, 2017, as Mental Illness Awareness Day.

SR 145 Taylor, Larry

Recognizing February 8, 2017, as Communities In Schools Day.

Committee referral on the following:

SB 526 Birdwell

Relating to the abolishment of certain advisory committees and other entities created to assist or advise state agencies or officers.

Business & Commerce

SB 527 Birdwell

Relating to a defendant's payment of costs associated with a court-appointed counsel.

Criminal Justice

SB 528 Birdwell

Relating to the term of a chief administrative law judge.

State Affairs

SB 529 Lucio

Relating to improving training and staff development for primary and secondary educators to enable them to more effectively serve all students.


SB 530 West

Relating to the authorization of monetary assistance and support services for caregivers of children in parental child safety placements.

Health & Human Services

SB 531 Lucio

Relating to the use of individual graduation committee determinations for certain public school accountability and high school graduation purposes and to the use of other alternative methods for certain high school graduation purposes.


SB 532 Nelson

Relating to reports on and purchase of information technology by state agencies.


SB 533 Nelson

Relating to state agency contracting.


SB 534 West

Relating to authorization by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for certain public junior colleges to offer early childhood education baccalaureate degree programs.

Higher Education

SB 536 Hinojosa

Relating to the punishment for burglary and theft of controlled substances.

Criminal Justice

SB 537 Hinojosa

Relating to requiring the disclosure of special course fees at public institutions of higher education.

Higher Education

SB 538 Hinojosa

Relating to state and local planning for and responses to drought.

Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs

SB 539 Hinojosa

Relating to the qualifications for an impartial third party in certain civil disputes.

State Affairs

SB 541 Hinojosa

Relating to the eligibility for release on parole of certain inmates convicted of the offense of continuous trafficking of persons.

Criminal Justice

SB 542 Bettencourt

Relating to an insurance premium tax credit for contributions made to certain educational assistance organizations.


SB 543 Seliger

Relating to performance-based tuition limitations for certain public institutions of higher education and a temporary tuition limitation for those institutions.

Higher Education

SB 544 Lucio

Relating to required training for veterans county service officers and assistant veterans county service officers.

Veteran Affairs & Border Security

SB 545 Lucio

Relating to information regarding autism spectrum disorders.

Health & Human Services

SB 546 Kolkhorst

Relating to the quality of water provided by public drinking water supply systems to state supported living centers.

Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs

SB 547 Kolkhorst

Relating to creation of a schedule of support services a state supported living center may provide and procedures for establishing applicable fees for those services.

Health & Human Services

SB 548 Kolkhorst

Relating to liability of certain electric utilities that allow certain uses of land that the electric utility owns, occupies, or leases.

Business & Commerce

SB 549 Kolkhorst

Relating to refunds of certain bingo licensing and registration fees.

State Affairs

SB 550 Campbell

Relating to the sale or assignment of tax credits for the certified rehabilitation of certified historic structures.


SB 551 Kolkhorst

Relating to inaccurate or incomplete permit applications for solid waste facilities.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

SB 552 Kolkhorst

Relating to health benefit plan coverage of hearing aids and cochlear implants for certain individuals.

Business & Commerce

SB 553 Kolkhorst

Relating to the notice of intention to issue certificates of obligation.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 554 Kolkhorst

Relating to notice requirements for certain special districts that hold board meetings outside the district.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 555 Kolkhorst

Relating to the entry of real property under a claim of eminent domain authority; providing a criminal penalty.

State Affairs

SB 556 Rodríguez

Relating to the release on parole of certain inmates convicted of an offense committed when younger than 18 years of age; changing parole eligibility.

Criminal Justice

SB 557 Rodríguez

Relating to the period for filing a claim for reimbursement for certain ancillary services under the Medicaid program.

Health & Human Services

SB 558 Hancock

Relating to the designation of a portion of State Highway 360 in Ellis and Tarrant Counties as the Senator Chris Harris Memorial Highway.


SB 559 Hancock

Relating to the application of the miscellaneous gross receipts tax on utility companies.

Business & Commerce

SB 560 Hancock

Relating to surcharges imposed for the use of a credit card; providing a civil penalty.

Business & Commerce

SB 561 Hancock

Relating to the identification and handling of unclaimed life insurance and annuity contract proceeds.

Business & Commerce

SB 562 Hancock

Relating to the provision of surplus lines insurance to certain commercial insureds.

Business & Commerce

SB 563 Hancock

Relating to the definition of commercial property insurance for purposes of certain provisions governing insurance rates and policy forms.

Business & Commerce

SB 564 Campbell

Relating to the applicability of open meetings requirements to certain meetings of a governing body relating to information technology security practices.

Business & Commerce

SB 565 Perry

Relating to the creation of records of the DNA of certain defendants for inclusion in the DNA database system.

Criminal Justice

SB 566 Perry

Relating to the qualifications for a person conducting an adoption evaluation.

State Affairs

SB 567 Rodríguez/ et al.

Relating to the imposition of administrative, civil, and criminal penalties for violating certain statutes under the jurisdiction of, rules or orders adopted by, or licenses, permits, or certificates issued by the Railroad Commission of Texas; increasing criminal penalties.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

SB 568 Rodríguez

Relating to the posting by the Railroad Commission of Texas on its Internet website of certain enforcement information.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

SB 569 Rodríguez

Relating to a review and report by the Railroad Commission of Texas regarding the oversight and enforcement of unpermitted discharges of oil and gas waste or of other substances or materials associated with certain operations or activities regulated by the commission.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

SB 570 Rodríguez

Relating to the regulation of the retention, storage, transportation, and disposal of used or scrap tires; providing a civil penalty; creating a criminal offense.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

SB 571 Menéndez

Relating to a salary career ladder for certain state employees.

Business & Commerce

SB 572 Menéndez

Relating to a feasibility study and report by the Texas Division of Emergency Management regarding the use of United States Postal Service employees, resources, and assets during a declared disaster.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

SB 573 Estes

Relating to the disposition of proceeds from the sale of freshwater fishing stamps issued by the Parks and Wildlife Department.

Agriculture, Water & Rural Affairs

SB 574 Miles

Relating to the expansion of applied workforce learning opportunities in this state, including through the establishment of the Texas Industry Internship Challenge.


SB 575 Schwertner/ Birdwell/ Buckingham/ Burton/ Campbell/ et al.

Relating to the total revenue exemption for the franchise tax.


SB 576 Huffman

Relating to a reporting requirement for certain incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, family violence, or stalking at public institutions of higher education; creating a criminal offense.

State Affairs

SB 577 Nichols

Relating to the offense involving the carrying of handguns by license holders on the premises of state hospitals.

State Affairs

SB 578 Lucio

Relating to the creation by the Texas Veterans Commission of a veteran suicide prevention action plan.

Veteran Affairs & Border Security

SB 579 Taylor, Van

Relating to the use of epinephrine auto-injectors on private school campuses and at or in transit to or from off-campus school events.


SB 580 Estes

Relating to the licensure or certification of volunteer firefighters and members of industrial emergency response teams.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

SB 581 Whitmire

Relating to the requirements for a change of name for a person with a final felony conviction or a person required to register as a sex offender.

Criminal Justice

SB 582 Whitmire

Relating to the discharge of a prisoner from a county jail.

Criminal Justice

SB 583 Campbell

Relating to the punishment for the offense of unlawfully carrying a handgun by a license holder.

State Affairs

SB 584 West

Relating to guidelines for prescribing opioid antagonists.

Health & Human Services

SB 585 West

Relating to the opportunity of certain patriotic societies to present information regarding the society to public school students during regular school hours.


SB 586 Perry/ et al.

Relating to the distribution of universal service funds to certain small and rural incumbent local exchange companies.

Business & Commerce

SB 587 Campbell

Relating to the ability of certain students to enroll full-time in courses provided through the state virtual school network.

Veteran Affairs & Border Security

SB 588 Lucio/ Campbell

Relating to information regarding private employers who have veteran's employment preference policies.

Veteran Affairs & Border Security

SB 589 Lucio/ et al.

Relating to the establishment of the Texas Board of Behavior Analyst Examiners and the requirement to obtain a license to practice as a behavior analyst or assistant behavior analyst; imposing fees; providing an administrative penalty.

Business & Commerce

SB 590 Campbell

Relating to the authority of certain holders of a wine and beer retailer's permit to manufacture and sell wine and engage in certain related activities.

Business & Commerce

SB 591 Lucio

Relating to a community outreach campaign to increase awareness of veterans benefits and services.

Veteran Affairs & Border Security

SB 592 Lucio

Relating to the classification of workers for purposes of the Texas Unemployment Compensation Act; providing a penalty.

Natural Resources & Economic Development

SB 593 Rodríguez

Relating to the governance of certain housing authorities.

Intergovernmental Relations

SB 594 Creighton

Relating to the procedure for the approval of rules adopted by the comptroller relating to the appraisal of qualified open-space land and qualified timber land for ad valorem tax purposes.


SB 595 Lucio

Relating to the eligibility of individuals from low-income households to pay the ad valorem taxes imposed on the individual's residence homestead in installments.


SB 596 Lucio

Relating to imposing a tax on certain sweetened beverages and ingredients used to make certain sweetened beverages; providing a penalty.


SB 597 Lucio

Relating to abolishing the death penalty.

Criminal Justice

SB 598 Bettencourt

Relating to authorization by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for certain public junior colleges to offer baccalaureate degree programs.

Higher Education

SB 599 Burton

Relating to the deferral and reduction or waiver of certain surcharges assessed under the driver responsibility program.


SB 600 Burton

Relating to the repeal of the Texas Economic Development Act.

Natural Resources & Economic Development