Senate Floor Action for 5/21/2017



May 21, 2017

The Senate suspended the necessary rules to consider and finally pass:

HB 51 Guillen/ Bonnen, Dennis SP: Hinojosa

Relating to regulation of the commercial oyster industry in this state; increasing criminal penalties; authorizing a fee.

1 Floor Amendment

HB 505 Geren/ Howard/ Button SP: Taylor, Van

Relating to restrictions on lobbyist expenditures from certain political contributions.

HB 1492 (LC)Miller/ et al. SP: Buckingham/ et al.

Relating to the creation of the National Museum of the Pacific War museum fund.

HB 1494 Morrison, Geanie W. SP: Kolkhorst

Relating to the use of municipal hotel occupancy tax revenue by certain municipalities.

HB 1917 Raymond/ Price/ Zerwas/ Longoria/ Davis, Sarah/ et al. SP: Schwertner

Relating to contract requirements for prescription drug benefits provided by Medicaid managed care organizations.

HB 1934 (A)Minjarez/ Blanco/ Cosper SP: Campbell

Relating to temporary certification of an educator from outside the state who is the spouse of an active duty military service member.

1 Committee Amendment

HB 3976 (CS)Ashby/ Zerwas/ Huberty/ Bernal/ Bonnen, Dennis/ et al. SP: Huffman

Relating to the administration of and benefits payable under the Texas Public School Retired Employees Group Benefits Act.

The Senate suspended the regular order, read second time and passed to engrossment:

HB 21 (CS)Huberty/ Zerwas/ Turner/ King, Ken/ Dutton/ et al. SP: Taylor, Larry/ et al.

Relating to the funding of primary and secondary education.

1 Floor Amendment

HB 2691 (CS)Bonnen, Greg/ Oliverson/ Reynolds/ et al. SP: Huffman

Relating to certain election practices and procedures.

4 Floor Amendments

HB 3859 Frank/ Cook/ Dale/ Bonnen, Greg/ Sanford/ et al. SP: Perry/ et al.

Relating to protection of the rights of conscience for child welfare services providers.

The Senate adopted the following resolutions:

SR 835 Campbell/ Menéndez/ Uresti/ Zaffirini

In memory of Scott Deem.

Committee re-referral on the following:

HB 2750 Hinojosa, Gina/ Lozano/ Raney/ Clardy/ et al.

Relating to requiring a public employer to give notice to new employees of the ability of certain employees to participate in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

Re-referred from Business & Commerce to Intergovernmental Relations

The Senate confirmed all nominees as reported by the Committee on Nominations.