COMMITTEE:   Natural Resources 

TIME & DATE: 10:30 AM or upon final adjourn./recess
Wednesday, March 29, 2017 

PLACE:       E2.010 
CHAIR:       Rep. Lyle Larson 


The Committee will meet to consider pending business and the following bills:


HB 31         Larson                 
Relating to the regulation of groundwater.

HB 2378       Larson                 
Relating to extensions of an expired permit for the transfer of groundwater from a groundwater conservation district.

HB 2943       Larson                 
Relating to the use of money in the state water pollution control revolving fund.

HB 2948       Larson                 
Relating to the state and regional water planning process.

HB 180        Lucio III              
Relating to the review of groundwater conservation districts by the state auditor.

HB 1946       Parker                 
Relating to the incontestability of certain contracts or leases submitted to the attorney general by certain water districts.

HB 1115       Dutton                 
Relating to the definition of "affected person" for purposes of a contested case hearing held by or for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regarding certain environmental permit applications.

HB 1964       Murphy                 
Relating to the authority and liability of owners and managers of apartment houses, manufactured home rental communities, condominiums, and multiple use facilities in charging tenants for submetered and nonsubmetered master metered water and wastewater services.

HB 1920       Flynn                  
Relating to the Palo Duro River Authority, following recommendations of the Sunset Advisory Commission.

HB 1921       Flynn                  
Relating to the functions and territory of the Upper Colorado River Authority, following the recommendations of the Sunset Advisory Commission.

HB 2180       Flynn                  
Relating to the Sulphur River Basin Authority, following recommendations of the Sunset Advisory Committee.



Bills added after last posting:

HB 180

HB 1115

HB 1946

HB 1964


**         See Committee Coordinator for previous versions         **
of the schedule, if applicable.


Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need assistance, such as a sign language interpreter, are requested to contact Stacey Nicchio at (512) 463-0850, 72 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.