HB 1549

              Senate Committee Report

              Health & Human Services

              May 17, 2017 - 8:00 AM


                                          McClure, Madeline   CEO  (also providing written testimony)  (Self; TexProtects), Dallas,


                                          Patel, Dimple   Senior Policy Analyst  (Texprotects), Dallas, TX

                                          Smith, Valerie   MD  (also providing written testimony)  (Self; Texas pediatric society),

                                          Tyler, TX


                                          Scot, Johana   Executive Director  (Parent Guidance Center), Austin, TX

                                          Spiller, Lee   Executive Director  (Citizens Commission on Human Rights), Austin, TX

                       Registering, but not testifying:


                                          Barillas, Dr. Katherine   Director of Child Welfare  (One Voice Texas), Houston, TX

                                          Crockett, Sarah   Public Policy Coordinator  (Texas CASA), Austin, TX

                                          Darby, Kelly    (Self; Texans Focus on Children), Round Rock, TX

                                          Francis, Will    (National Association of Social Workers - Texas Chapter), Austin, TX

                                          Hansch, Greg    (Self; National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Hartman, Marilyn   Advocate for those with serious mental illness  (Self; NAMI Austin

                                          (National Alliance on Mental Illness, Austin affiliate)), Austin, TX

                                          Kimberly, Knox   SVP - Advocacy and Stakeholder Relations  (Upbring), Austin, TX

                                          Laroche, Sebastien   Research & Policy Analyst  (Methodist Healthcare Ministries of

                                          South Texas, Inc.), San Antonio, TX

                                          Meed, Alex    (Self) , Round Rock, TX

                                          Moore, Matt   Vice President, Government Relations  (Children's Health System of Texas),

                                          Dallas, TX

                                          Murphy, Kate   Senior child welfare policy associate  (Texans care for children), Austin,


                                          Sage, Michelle    (Self; Texans Focus On Children), Round Rock, TX

                                          Thurston, James   Director of Policy and Community Engagement  (United Ways of

                                          Texas), Austin, TX


                                          Delgado, Evelyn   Assistant Commissioner - DSHS  (Texas Department of State Health

                                          Services), Austin, Texas, TX

                                          Kromrei, Liz   Director of Services  (Dept of Family and Protective Services), Austin, TX

                                          Rasco, Sasha   Associate Commissioner of PEI  (Dept of Family and Protective Services),

                                          Austin, TX

                       Providing written testimony:


                                          Francis, Will    (National Association of Social Workers - Texas Chapter), Austin, TX