HB 1774


              Insurance Committee

              March 28, 2017 - 8:00 AM

                       For :

                                 Dickey, James (Self; IMGA)

                                 Ehlert, Paul (Germania Insurance)

                                 Farias, Felipe (Self; State Farm Insurance)

                                 Monarrez, Luz (Self)

                                 Moore, Joel (Self; National Association of Independant Insurance Adjusters)

                                 Moore, Joel (Self; National Association of Independent Insurance Adjusters)

                                 Parsley, Lee (Texans for Lawsuit Reform)

                                 Stephens, John (Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies)

                                 Steves, Buddy (Self)

                                 Tipps, Mary (Texans for Lawsuit Reform)

                                 Weber, David (Self; Hochheim Prairie Insurance)

                                 Woods, Joe (Property Casualty Insurers Assiciation of America (PCI))

                       Against :

                                 Blevins, Bryan (Texas Trial Lawyers Association)

                                 Connolly, Tim (Self)

                                 Daly, Richard (Self)

                                 Eiland, Craig (Self)

                                 Gallagher, Michael (Self; Texas trial lawyers assc.)

                                 Kirkwood, Joe (Self)

                                 Knippa, Doris (Self)

                                 Longley, Joe (Self)

                                 Loyd, Shannon (Self)

                                 McCauley, Shannon (Self)

                                 Ryan, Robert (Self; Stallion Oilfield Services)

                                 Sigman, Rene (Self; Texas Association of Consumer Lawyers)

                                 Wendell, Ware (Texas Watch)

                       On :

                                 Walker, Jamie (Texas Department of Insurance)

                       Registering, but not testifying:

                       For :

                                 Bosse, Fred (American Insurance Association)

                                 Chatron, Michael (AGC Texas Building Branch)

                                 Chatron, Michael (AGC Texas Building Branch)

                                 Flores, Robert (Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of


                                 Floyd, Beaman (Texas Coalition for Affordable Insurance Solutions)

                                 Galitski, Frank (Farmers Insurance)

                                 Geary, Michael (The Texas Conservative Coalition)

                                 Gilbert, Robert (Bo) (United Services Aitomobile Association (USAA))

                                 Gipson, Mark (Pioneer Natural Resources)

                                 Glenn, Eric (USAA Insurance)

                                 Golemon, Kinnan (Austin White Lime Company)

                                 Hopkinson, Keith (Assurant Ins. Group)

                                 Howden, Robert (Self)

                                 Jones, Max (Greater Houston Partnership)

                                 Kaufman, Lisa (Texas Civil Justice League)

                                 King, Kari (USAA)

                                 Loftis, Lee (Independent Insurance Agents of Texas)

                                 Marlow, John (Chubb)

                                 Martin, Amanda (Texas Association of Business)


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

              HB 1774


              Insurance Committee

                                 Martin, Paul (National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies)

                                 Meyers, Lucas (The Travelers Companies, Inc. and Subsidiaries)

                                 Monarrez, Luz (Self; State Farm)

                                 Munoz, Ned (Texas Association of Builders)

                                 Neeley, Josiah (R Street Institute)

                                 O'Ryan, Anne (The interinsurance exchange of the auto club and auto club county mutual)

                                 Oswald, Bill (Self; Koch Companies)

                                 Phenix, Billy (Allstate Insurance Company)

                                 Polan, Deborah (AIG)

                                 Richardson, Jody (Plains All American Pipeline LP)

                                 Roberts, Cary (US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform)

                                 Sellers, Tom (Conocophillips)

                                 Shields, Chris (San Antonio Chamber of Commerce)

                                 Simpson, Stephanie (Texas Association of Manufacturers)

                                 Strama, Keith (Texas Surplus Lines Association)

                                 Stuckemeyer, John (Self; State Farm Insurance)

                                 Thompson, Jay (Afact)

                                 Toomey, Mike (Liberty Mutual)

                                 Yarbrough, Brian (Nationwide)

                                 Young, Tiffany (Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse)

                                 Young, Tiffany (Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse)

                       Against :

                                 Field, Kathleen (Self)

                                 Hubbard, John (Self; Texas Association of Rural Schools)

                                 Morstad, Tim (AARP)

                                 Smith, Jacob (Texas Association of Consumer Lawyers)

                                 Stringer, Cherilyn (Self)

                       On :

                                 Baker, Marianne (Texas Department of Insurance)

                                 Brown, Cassie (Texas Department of Insurance)

                                 Cameron, Sean (Self)

                                 Einfalt, Mark (Texas Department of Insurance)

                                 Loeffler, Ginger (Texas Department of Insurance)

                                 Matetich, Joe (OPIC)

                                 McClure, Jesse (Texas Department of Insurance)

                                 Muckerheide, David (Texas Department of Insurance)

                                 Nored, Michael (Texas Department of Insurance)

                                 Pakenham, Kevin (Self)

                                 Ryder, Brian (Texas Department of Insurance)

                                 Stevens, Bill (Texas Alliance of Energy Producers)