HB 3723


              Culture, Recreation & Tourism Committee

              April 11, 2017 - 2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess

                       Against :

                                 Anderson, J. David (Texas Wildlife Association)

                                 Barrett, Marko (Self; Texas Wildlife Association)

                                 Cox, Wally (Self)

                                 Leslie, Roy (Self)

                                 Lewis, Steve (Self)

                                 McAdams, Molly (Self)

                                 Shepperd, John (Self; TX Foundation and TX Coalition for Conservation)

                                 Simons, Greg (Self)

                                 Sinclair, David (Game Warden Peace Officers Association)

                                 Smith, Walt (Self)

                                 Steinbach, Don (Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society)

                                 Synatzske, David (Self)

                                 Treadwell, Brian (Self)

                       On :

                                 Huss, Jonathan (Dept of State Health Services)

                       Registering, but not testifying:

                       For :

                                 Berlanga, Hugo (Self)

                                 Berlanga, Omar (Self)

                                 Berry, Marty (Self)

                       Against :

                                 Bonnot, Carlos S (Self)

                                 Brady, Zacg (Self; Texas Coalition for Conservation)

                                 Doyel, Elizabeth (Self; Texas League of Conservation Voters)

                                 Faas, Clinton (Texas Chapter of the Wildlife Society, Texas Wildlife Associstion)

                                 Hess, Myron (National Wildlife Federation)

                                 Klenzendorf, Whitney (Self; Texas Wildlife Association)

                                 Knolle, Bill (Texas Wildlife Association)

                                 Kramer, Ken (Sierra Club - Lone Star Chapter)

                                 Lewey, Julie (Self)

                                 Lewey, Sky (Self)

                                 Masters, Benjamin (Self)

                                 Muse, Christy (Self)

                                 Petersen, Susan (Self; Texas Conservation Alliance)

                                 Romans, Katherine (Hill country alliance)

                                 Schnupp, Matthew (Self; Texas Wildlife Association & King Ranch, Inc.)

                                 Swanson, Romey (Self; Hill Country Conservancy)

                                 Thompson, James (Self; Texas Wildlife Association)

                                 Townsend, Trent (The Nature Conservancy)

                                 Vandivier, Tom (Self; Texas wildlife association)

                                 Womack, Jesse (Self)

                                 Yeates, David (Texas Wildlife Association)

                       On :

                                 Powell, Ellis (Texas Parks and Wildlife)

                                 Wolf, Clayton (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)