SB 667

              Senate Committee Report

              State Affairs

              March 23, 2017 - 9:00 AM


                                          Borel, Dennis   Executive Director  (Coalition of Texas with Disabilities), Austin, TX

                                          Brush, Ramona   Member, Board of Directors - TGA  (Texas Guardianship Association),

                                          Austin, TX


                                          Slayton, David   Administrative Director/Exec. Director  (Office of Court

                                          Administration/Texas Judicial Council), Austin, TX

                       Registering, but not testifying:


                                          Carlton, Belinda   Coordinator  (Guardianship Reform and Supported Decision Making

                                          Workgroup), Austin, TX

                                          Francis, Will   Gov't Relations Director  (Nat'l Assoc. of Social Workers - Texas Chapter),

                                          Austin, TX

                                          Goodman, Catherine   Chair, Real Estate, Probate and Trust Law Section, State Bar of

                                          Texas  (Self; Guardianship Attorney), Fort Worth, TX

                                          Herman, Guy   Presiding Judge, Statutory Probate Courts of Texas  (Self and Statutory

                                          Probate Courts of Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Hopper, Craig    (Self (probate and guardianship attorney)), Austin, TX

                                          Lewis, Kathryn   Attorney  (Disability Rights Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Morstad, Tim   Associate State Director  (AARP), Austin, TX

                                          Piccola, Kyle   Chief Government Relations Officer  (The Arc of Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Switzer, Gyl   Public Policy Director  (Mental Health America of Texas), Austin, TX