SB 1922

              Senate Committee Report

              Health & Human Services

              March 29, 2017 - 8:00 AM


                                          Dudensing, Jamie    (Texas Association of Health Plans), Austin, TX

                                          Ghahremani, Kay   CEO  (Texas Association of Community Health Plans), Austin, TX

                                          Nati, Carol   Dr  (Self; Mhmr of Tarrant County), Fort Worth, TX


                                          Trigg, Adrienne   Protect TX Fragile Kids  (Self; Protect tx fragile kids), Austin, TX


                                          Bearden, Chase   Director of Advocacy  (Coalition of texans with disabilities), Austin, TX

                                          Butler, Rachel   Chief Actuary  (Health and Human Services Commission), Austin, TX

                                          Gonzales, David   Dir Legislative affairs  (Alliance of Independent Pharmacies of Texas),

                                          Austin, TX

                                          Hansch, Greg    (Self; National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Hudman, Justin   Division Director Public Affairs  (Texas Pharmacy Association), Austin,


                                          Ngo, Khiem   Consulting Actuary  (Rudd and Wisdom), Austin, TX

                                          Van Ramshorst, Ryan   Dr.  (also providing written testimony)  (Self; Texas Medical

                                          Association, Texas Pediatric Society, Texas Academy of Family Physicians, American

                                          College of OBGYN, Texas Ferderation of Psychiatrists), San Antonio, TX

                                          Vasquez, Andy   Deputy Associate Commissioner  (Health and Human Services

                                          Commission), Austin, TX

                       Registering, but not testifying:


                                          Beggs, April    (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas), Austin, TX

                                          Carlson, Johnna    (Texas Children's Health Plan), Houston, TX

                                          Johnson, Lee   Deputy Director  (Texas Council of Community Centers), Austin, TX

                                          Martin, Amanda   Governmental Affairs Manager  (Texas Association of Business),

                                          Austin, TX

                                          Sheikh, Irtiza    (Self; Texas Osteopathic Medical Assosciation), TX, TX


                                          Jones, Neal T Buddy    (Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Research Association), Austin,


                                          Scheib, K.J.   Deputy Associate Commissioner  (Health and Human Services

                                          Commission), Austin, TX

                                          Snyder, Jami   State Medicaid Director  (Health and Human Services Commission),

                                          Austin, TX