County Affairs Committee

            February 6, 2018 - 9:15 AM

            Emergency Response to Natural Disasters/Flooding and Authority


                                 Babin, Anna (United Way of Greater Houston)

                                 Barone, Rosanne (Texas Campaign for the Environment)

                                 Bracken, John (Save the Children)

                                 Brunett, Brad (Brazos River Authority)

                                 Carrizal, Shain (Harris County Budget Management Department.)

                                 Champion, Bret (Klein Independent School District)

                                 Costello, Stephen (City of Houston)

                                 DeMasi, Michael (US Army Corp of Engineers- Galveston District)

                                 Ellis, Rodney (Harris County Commissioners Court)

                                 Emmett, Ed (Harris County Judge)

                                 Granato, Jim (Hobby School of Public Affairs)

                                 Haddock, Carol (Houston Public Works)

                                 Hardway, Anna (Save the Children Federation)

                                 Henry, Mark (Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District)

                                 Houston, Jace (San Jacinto River Authority)

                                 Kidd, Nim (Texas Division of Emergency Management)

                                 Lemelle, Daphne (Harris County Community Services Department)

                                 Noriega, Melissa (Baker Ripley)

                                 Poppe, Russ (Harris County Flood Control District)

                                 Roberson, Matt (The Met Church)

                                 Shah, Dr. Umair (Harris County Public Health)

                                 Sloan, Mark (Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management)

                                 Spieler, Christof (Greater Houston Flood Mitigation Consortium)

                                 Stuckey, Joshua (Harris County- County Engineer's Office)

                                 Woods, Nyla (Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston)

            SB 1849 "Sandra Bland Act" Implementation


                                 Donaldson, Scott (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement)

                                 Gaines, Sonja (Health and Human Services Commission)

                                 Grigsby, Gretchen (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement)

                                 Wood, Brandon (Texas Commission on Jail Standards)