Violence in Schools & School Security, Select

            June 12, 2018 9:00 AM

            School Security


                                 Ashton, Sasha  N/a  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Banks, Allen  Chief of Police (Round Rock Police Department), Round Rock, TX

                                 Bessent, Craig  Assistant School Superintendent/School Marshal (Wylie ISD), Abilene, TX

                                 Blair, J. Pete  Executive Director (ALERRT- Texas State), San Marcos, TX

                                 Blake, Bronwyn  (Texas Advocacy Project), Austin, TX

                                 Bolgiano, Jr., John H.   (Self), Llano, TX

                                 Booher, Laura  Public School Educator (Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America),

                                 Dallas, TX

                                 Bursey, Molly  Volunteer (Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America), New

                                 Braunfels, TX

                                 Coyle, Steve  AISD Truck Driver Science Center (Education Austin), Austin, TX

                                 Craven, Morgan  Director, School-to-Prison Pipeline Project (Texas Appleseed), Austin,


                                 Del Gallo, Krista  Policy Manager  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Council on

                                 Family Violence), Austin, TX

                                 Doerr Morosky, Katherine  Concerned Citizen  (also providing written testimony) (Newton

                                 Action Alliance), Austin, TX

                                 Dworin, Jillian  HS Student (Students Demand Action), Austin, TX

                                 Eshraghi, Selina  Social Media Coordinator (March for Our Lives Austin), Austin, TX

                                 Graham, Elizabeth  Education Lead for Houston (Moms Demand Action), Houston, TX

                                 Gregory, Marcia P.  Teacher (Mom's Demand Action Individual), San Antonio, TX

                                 Grey, John  Government Relations Specialist (Texas State Teachers Association), Austin,


                                 Hannaford, Courtney  Proj. Mgr.  (Self; Moms Demand Action), Austin, TX

                                 Henderson, David  Independent (Kologik), Colleyville, TX

                                 Hill, Kristy  Public School Educator (Moms Demand Action), Fort Worth, TX

                                 Hoffman, Olivia   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Holmes, Melissa  (Moms Demand Action), Austin, TX

                                 Jones, Claire  Librarian, Mom  (Self; Moms Demand), Austin, TX

                                 Kappelman, John  Student, Lead Organizer (March for Our Lives), Austin, TX

                                 Kuse, Mary  LTISD Bee Cave Ele G3 SPED AIDE K-5 (MOMS), The Hills, TX

                                 Liedeker, Eileen  (Volunteer, Moms Demand Action), Austin, TX

                                 Loewenstern, Neil  High School Teacher  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Lorenz, Jennifer   (also providing written testimony)  (Self; Family of public  school

                                 teachers), Cypress, TX

                                 Madden, Connie   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Martinez-Prather, Kathy  Director (Texas School Safety Center at Texas State University),

                                 San Marcos, TX

                                 McCraw, Steven  Director (Texas Department of Public Safety), Austin, TX

                                 McDaniel, Louisa   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 McEwen, Mitzi  Retired principal/consultant  (Self), Friendswood, TX

                                 McKaughan, Gaelila   (Self), Austin, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Violence in Schools & School Security, Select

            June 12, 2018 9:00 AM

                                 Mendoza, Elva  Mother, public health social worker  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Metcalf, Mary  Teacher (Education Austin), Austin, TX

                                 Mobley Turney, Aimee  Gun Safety Issue Chair (League of Women Voters of Texas),

                                 Houston, TX

                                 Mueschke, Adele Barnett  Assistant Principal  (Self; Moms Demand Action), San Anontio,


                                 Mullan, Rebecca   (Self; Moms Demand Action), San Leanna, TX

                                 Murphy, Lynn  Education Policy Analyst (Disability Rights Texas), Austin, TX

                                 Nelson, Susan R.  (Texas Gun Sense), Austin, TX

                                 Postell, Amos  Director (Lone Star Gun Rights), Kyle, TX

                                 Ramos, Jennifer  National Committeewoman, Texas (Young Democrats of America Texas

                                 Young Democrats), Austin, TX

                                 Rose, Lauren  Director of Youth Justice Policy  (also providing written testimony) (Texans

                                 Care for Children), Austin, TX

                                 Salisbury, Nancy  Educator (Moms Demand Action), Austin, TX

                                 Scruggs, Ed  Vice Chair  (also providing written testimony) (Texas Gun Sense), Austin, TX

                                 Skidmore, Danielle  Engineer, Parent  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Skidmore, Peter  Student- Austin High  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Skinner, Jim  Sheriff (Collin County), McKinney, TX

                                 Switzer, Gyl  Executive Director (Texas Gun Sense), Austin, TX

                                 Vickers, Kim  Executive Director (Tx Commission on Law Enforcement), Austin, TX

                                 Wicker, Catherine  Texas College Democrats (Organization), San Marcos, TX

                  Registering, but not testifying:


                                 Boyle, Christopher  J.  (Moms Demand Action), San Antonio, TX

                                 Claybourn, Renate  Moms Demand Action Volunteer (Moms Demand Action), New

                                 Braunfels, TX

                                 Fussell, Jill   (Self), Georgetown, TX

                                 Gara, Robin  Retired Teacher (Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense), San Antonio, TX

                                 Greene, Melanie  (Moms Demand Action), Austin, TX

                                 Hislop, Martha   (Self), Georgetown, TX

                                 Levis, Christopher   (Self), Temple, TX

                                 Littleiahr, Cassandra   (Self), San Antonio, TX

                                 Mahmud, Parisa  Volunteer (March for Our Lives- Austin), Austin, TX

                                 Martinez, Beth  Parent of High School Student  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 McMichael, Diane   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Montez Kolda, Annette  Mom/Founder/Teacher (Moms Demand Action), Austin, TX

                                 Morosky, Anna Pearl  Chair  of Gun Violence  Prevention  Committee,  We the Students

                                 Establish  Justice  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Morosky, Marie-Therese  Concerned citizen  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Northcliffe, Christy  (MDA Moms Demand Action), College  Station, TX

                                 O'Grady, Sally   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Pintchorski, Susan  Chapter Lead- Austin (Moms Demand Action), Austin, TX

                                                                              WITNESS LIST

            Violence in Schools & School Security, Select

            June 12, 2018 9:00 AM

                                 Price, Jennifer   (Self), Round Rock, TX

                                 Richerson, Kathy  (Moms Demand Action), Killeen, TX

                                 Rogat, Edie   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Rutan, Michelle   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Schalzein, Katie  Moms Demand Action Member Member (Moms Demand), D Springs, TX

                                 Snyder-Castaneda, Sarah  Member (Moms Demand Action), San Antonio, TX

                                 Stricker, Sheila  Taxpayer  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Sutherland, Cathleen  Film  Producer  (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Tripp, Alice  Lobbyist (Texas State Rifle Association), Paige, TX

                                 Vasquez, Marina  Member (personal  mother/RN- 22 years  experience/former Austin ISD

                                 school nurse) (Moms Demand Action- Against  arming  teachers), Austin, TX

                                 Wall, Catharine  E.   (Self), Austin, TX

                  Providing written testimony:


                                 Brenner, Kathleen  Mom (The Brennan Family), San Antonio, TX

                                 Carlton, Belinda  Parent and Grandparent  (Self), Dale, TX

                                 Castillo, Michelle  Youth Civic Education & Engagement Coordinator (Children's  Defense

                                 Fund-Texas), Austin, TX

                                 Dempsey, Colton   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Garana, Kristine   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Kuhlmann, Kate  Lobbyist (Association  of Texas Professional  Educators), Austin, TX

                                 Pham, Theresa  Physician (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Renfro, Janna   (Self), Austin, TX

                                 Sanders, Jolene  Advocacy Manager (Easterseals  Central TX), Austin, TX