Amend CSHB 4181 (senate committee report) by adding the following appropriately numbered SECTION to the bill and renumbering the SECTIONS of the bill as appropriate:
SECTION ____.  Subchapter F, Chapter 301, Government Code, as added by this Act, is amended by adding Section 301.072 to read as follows:
Sec. 301.072.  STATE BUILDINGS OCCUPIED BY LEGISLATIVE OFFICES AND AGENCIES. (a) This section applies to a state building that is:
(1)  occupied by a legislative office or agency;
(2)  located in the Capitol complex, as defined by Section 443.0071; and
(3)  not described by Section 2165.007(b)(6).
(b)  The presiding officers of each house of the legislature, in consultation with the legislative offices or agencies occupying a state building, shall jointly decide the following with respect to a state building to which this section applies, the building's facilities, and the grounds used by occupants of the building:
(1)  the use of space by and allocation of space to a legislative office or agency;
(2)  security and building access for a legislative office or agency;
(3)  the manner in which a legislative office or agency contracts for a construction or remodeling project involving space allocated to the office or agency; and
(4)  the timing and logistics of a maintenance or construction activity involving the building, facilities, or grounds that affects a legislative office or agency.