Amend HB 4531 (senate committee report) as follows:
(1)  In SECTION 4 of the bill, in amended Section 420.073(a)(2), Government Code (page 2, line 26), strike "and" and substitute "[and]".
(2)  In SECTION 4 of the bill, in amended Section 420.073(a)(3), Government Code (page 2, line 28), strike the period and substitute the following:
; and
(4)  a reasonable time limitation during which the information or records may be released.
(3)  In SECTION 4 of the bill, in added Section 420.073(d), Government Code (page 2), strike lines 36-37 and substitute the following:
the person seeking the release of confidential information may petition a court with probate jurisdiction in the county in which the adult survivor resides for an emergency order authorizing the release of the information, in the manner provided by Section 48.208, Human Resources Code.