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H.J.R. 4

By: Phelan

Natural Resources

Committee Report (Unamended)






It has been noted that the impact of flooding events continues to increase as the state's population grows and spreads across Texas, without regard to political subdivision boundaries. There are concerns, however, that there may be insufficient resources as the state plans flood resiliency projects. H.J.R. 4 seeks to address these concerns by providing for a flood infrastructure fund.  




It is the committee's opinion that this resolution does not expressly create a criminal offense, increase the punishment for an existing criminal offense or category of offenses, or change the eligibility of a person for community supervision, parole, or mandatory supervision.




It is the committee's opinion that this resolution does not expressly grant any additional rulemaking authority to a state officer, department, agency, or institution.




H.J.R. 4 proposes an amendment to the Texas Constitution to create the flood infrastructure fund as a special fund in the state treasury outside the general revenue fund. The resolution authorizes money in the fund, as provided by general law, to be administered and used, without further appropriation, by the Texas Water Development Board or that board's successor in function to provide financing for a drainage, flood mitigation, or flood control project, including planning and design activities, work to obtain regulatory approval to provide nonstructural and structural flood mitigation and drainage, or construction of structural flood mitigation and drainage infrastructure. The resolution authorizes separate accounts to be established in the fund as necessary to administer the fund or authorized projects.




The constitutional amendment proposed by this joint resolution will be submitted to the voters at an election to be held November 5, 2019.