Senate Research Center

S.B. 1731


By: Paxton






As Filed






By reinstating the education degree and removing the 18 semester credit hour limit, S.B. 1731 allows educator preparation programs to provide the curricular space necessary to cover the required content to better prepare our teachers for the classroom. 


The primary challenge with the existing statute is that it does not allow students to major in education, which is a marketing and recruitment problem as well as a professionalism problem, both detrimental to the profession of teaching in Texas. In addition, the existing statute does not allow educator preparation programs (EPPs) the curricular space necessary to cover pedagogy and the content required by statute (dyslexia, mental health, substance abuse, and youth suicide), as well as additional content that are relevant for teachers in today�s schools, specifically topics related to school violence. 


Addressing these issues will provide the necessary flexibility that will enable EPPs to prepare teachers for the complex classroom environment.


As proposed, S.B. 1731 amends current law relating to certain degree and internship requirements for teacher certification.




Rulemaking authority previously granted to the State Board for Educator Certification is rescinded in SECTION 1 (Section 21.050, Education Code) of this bill.




SECTION 1. Amends Section 21.050, Education Code, as follows:


Sec. 21.050. New heading: ACADEMIC DEGREE REQUIRED FOR TEACHING CERTIFICATE. Requires a person who applies for a teaching certificate for which State Board for Educator Certification rules require a bachelor's degree to possess a bachelor's degree received with an education major or another academic major or interdisciplinary academic major, including reading, rather than a bachelor's degree received with an academic major or interdisciplinary academic major, including reading, other than education, that is related to the curriculum as prescribed under Subchapter A (Essential Knowledge and Skills; Curriculum), Chapter 28.


Removes designation of existing Subsection (a) and deletes existing Subsection (b) concerning the maximum and minimum number of semester credit hours for purposes of certification and existing Subsection (c) prohibiting a person who receives a bachelor's degree from being required to participate in any field experience or internship to receive a teaching certificate.


SECTION 2. Repealer: Section 21.047(c) (relating to authorizing centers for professional development of teachers to develop a comprehensive field‑based educator preparation program), Education Code.


SECTION 3. Provides that this Act applies beginning with the 2019�2020 school year.


SECTION 4. Effective date: upon passage or September 1, 2019.