Senate Research Center

C.S.S.B. 1947

86R16845 KKR-F

By: Watson


Health & Human Services




Committee Report (Substituted)






The committee substitute will strike some nonsubstantive language in Section 1 of the bill; the entirety of Section 2, which is nonsubstantive; and the entirety of Section 3, which would require the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (TSBVME) to create certain policies regarding controlled substance practices and would prohibit the board from taking action against veterinarians under certain circumstances. Essentially, the only language retained from the bill as filed will be:


"The board shall make the information reported under Subsection (a) available to the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners for the purpose of routine inspections and investigations."


The committee substitute also adds a requirement that veterinarians take two hours of continuing medical education every two years in order to renew a veterinary license.


The Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) suggested the edits because they found much of the language of the original version of the bill as filed either unnecessary or burdensome to their regulatory ability. Both TSBP and the Texas Veterinary Medical Association are in agreement with the committee substitute.


C.S.S.B. 1947 amends current law relating to regulation of the prescribing and dispensing of controlled substances by veterinarians.




This bill does not expressly grant any additional rulemaking authority to a state officer, institution, or agency.




SECTION 1. Amends Section 481.0766, Health and Safety Code, by adding Subsection (c), as follows:


(c) Requires the Texas State Board of Pharmacy (TSBP) to make the information reported under Subsection (a) (relating to requiring a wholesale distributor to report to TSBP certain information that is required to be reported to the federal Drug Administration's Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System with certain frequency and format) available to the Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners (TSBVME) for the purpose of routine inspection and investigations.


SECTION 2. Amends Section 801.307, Occupations Code, by adding Subsection (a-1) to require TSBP to require a veterinarian to complete two hours of continuing education related to opioid abuse and controlled substance diversion, inventory, and security every two years to renew a license to practice veterinary medicine.


SECTION 3. Makes application of Section 801.307(a-1), Occupations Code, as added by this Act, prospective to September 1, 2020.


SECTION 4. Effective date: September 1, 2019.