86R5647 KSM-D
  By: Klick H.C.R. No. 123
         WHEREAS, Texas is renowned for its distinctive and delicious
  foods, and our state has put its brand on breakfast with a versatile
  item that is beloved from the Panhandle to the Rio Grande: the
  breakfast taco; and
         WHEREAS, The taco has been one of the fundamental building
  blocks of Mexican cuisine for well over a century and possibly much
  longer; using savory breakfast foods such as eggs and potatoes as
  taco fillings was a natural idea, and an account of pairing bacon
  with a tortilla dates to the 1850s in a chronicle of a Texas to
  California cattle drive; references in the press to tacos eaten for
  breakfast are found beginning in the mid-20th century: in May 1959,
  the San Antonio Express and News reported on a taco shop on the West
  Side that featured egg tacos, and the El Paso Herald-Post reported
  in May 1962 that gubernatorial candidate Don Yarborough had tacos
  for breakfast while on the campaign trail; one of the earliest uses
  of the term "breakfast taco" comes from a 1975 newspaper article
  about a food tour of San Antonio; and
         WHEREAS, More recently, a spirited debate has arisen over
  which part of the state originated the breakfast taco; many Texans
  of a certain age have fond memories, dating back decades, of being
  served tacos for breakfast by their mothers and grandmothers in San
  Antonio, South Texas, and the Rio Grande Valley, and by the 1960s,
  the "taco for breakfast" could be found farther north in the Lone
  Star State, on school menus in Kerrville and Seguin; some food
  writers and restaurateurs have claimed that Austin originated the
  term "breakfast taco," if not the food itself, which has led to an
  energetic dissent from residents of San Antonio and other regions
  and municipalities around the Lone Star State; and
         WHEREAS, No matter where or when it got its start, the
  breakfast taco has quickly become popular with both native Texans
  and delighted visitors from across the nation; as long as it
  includes a tortilla and is eaten for breakfast, the breakfast taco
  can range from the simplest (tortilla and egg) to the traditional
  (tortilla and machacado con huevo) to the innovative (tortilla,
  eggs, and hot dogs) to the most extravagant (tortilla plus whatever
  else is on the menu), and it can be enjoyed in every corner of the
  state; and
         WHEREAS, Whether purchased at a drive-through in Fort Worth,
  ordered at a restaurant in Corpus Christi, or served by a loving
  grandmother in Del Rio, the breakfast taco has become a signature
  Texas food on a par with barbecue and chicken-fried steak, and it is
  enjoyed by countless residents of the Lone Star State each morning
  as the perfect way to start their day; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 86th Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby designate the breakfast taco as the official state breakfast
  item of Texas.