86R10055 KSM-D
  By: Stucky H.R. No. 199
         WHEREAS, Citizens from Denton County are gathering in Austin
  on February 20, 2019, to celebrate Denton County Day at the State
  Capitol; and
         WHEREAS, Located in North Texas and serving as the gateway to
  the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Denton County was created from the
  Peters colony grant by the Texas Legislature in 1846 and named for
  pioneer preacher, lawyer, and soldier John Bunyan Denton; the early
  years of the county saw its emergence as an agricultural center, and
  the arrival of the railroads in the 1880s ensured that the region's
  wheat and cotton would find distribution across the country; and
         WHEREAS, The county has experienced remarkable growth in
  recent years, and with a population of more than 800,000, Denton is
  one of the fastest growing counties in the nation; it has drawn a
  number of corporate residents as well, including Federal Express,
  Sally Beauty Holdings, Target, WinCo, Peterbilt Motors, and Xerox;
         WHEREAS, The city of Denton, the county seat, is home to the
  University of North Texas and Texas Woman's University, which were
  founded as Texas Normal College and Girls' Industrial College in
  1890 and 1903, respectively; nearby Corinth hosts a campus of North
  Central Texas College, which offers technical and occupational
  classes to residents throughout the county and beyond, and the area
  is further served by 11 public school districts educating thousands
  of young Texans at nearly 100 facilities; and
         WHEREAS, Other attractions in the area include the wilderness
  of the North Texas Greenbelt and the architecture of the Denton
  County Courthouse-on-the-Square; moreover, the county is part of
  the North Texas Horse Country, which is one of the largest regions
  for horse breeding and training in the southwestern United States,
  and the county also boasts the second-largest sports facility in
  the nation, the Texas Motor Speedway, which draws hundreds of
  thousands of race fans each year; and
         WHEREAS, The citizens of this notable North Texas county are
  working to preserve the best of their past even as they look forward
  to a bright and promising future, and they are sure to figure
  prominently in the story of the Lone Star State in the years ahead;
  now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 86th Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize February 20, 2019, as Denton County
  Day at the State Capitol and extend to the visiting delegation
  sincere best wishes for a meaningful and memorable stay in Austin.