H.R. No. 341
         WHEREAS, Dr. Suzanne J. Nelson retired as superintendent of
  the Tuloso-Midway Independent School District on June 30, 2018,
  after nearly a quarter century of service to that district; and
         WHEREAS, Sue Nelson began her career in Edmond, Oklahoma,
  initially working as a teacher and later becoming a middle and high
  school principal; she joined Tuloso-Midway ISD in 1984, and after
  two years as director of elementary and secondary education, she
  was promoted to district superintendent; though she retired in
  1998, she went on to serve as superintendent of Eagle Pass ISD and
  then once again took charge of the Tuloso-Midway district for a
  brief tenure beginning in 2005; after guiding George West ISD, she
  returned to Tuloso-Midway for her third tenure as superintendent in
  2010; and
         WHEREAS, During her years with TMISD, Dr. Nelson led the
  district in increasing the diversity of the administrative team and
  professional staff, achieving top ratings from the School Financial
  Integrity Rating System of Texas, and securing the passage of a $36
  million bond package; she was also instrumental in the district's
  1994 transition to a year-round school calendar; in recognition of
  her many contributions, she was named the 2016 Superintendent of
  the Year for Education Service Center Region 2, and the performing
  arts center at Tuloso-Midway High School was named in her honor in
  2014; and
         WHEREAS, A native of Colorado Springs, Colorado, Dr. Nelson
  holds a bachelor's degree in education, a master's degree in
  counseling, and a doctorate in school administration from the
  University of Oklahoma, and she was inducted into the OU Education
  Hall of Fame in 2018; and
         WHEREAS, Through her dedication, professionalism, and
  commitment to excellence, Sue Nelson has helped many young Texans
  acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed, and she may
  indeed reflect with pride on a career well spent as she embarks on
  the next exciting chapter of her life; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 86th Texas
  Legislature hereby congratulate Dr. Suzanne J. Nelson on her
  retirement as superintendent of the Tuloso-Midway Independent
  School District and extend to her sincere best wishes for the
  future; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for Dr. Nelson as an expression of high regard by the Texas
  House of Representatives.
  Speaker of the House     
         I certify that H.R. No. 341 was adopted by the House on March
  13, 2019, by a non-record vote.
  Chief Clerk of the House