86R10095 JGH-D
  By: Herrero H.R. No. 549
         WHEREAS, The inaugural Public Risk Management Awareness Day
  is being held on March 1, 2019, providing an opportunity for
  communities across Texas to raise awareness of the inherent risks
  faced by public entities and the role of public risk management
  professionals in mitigating such risks; and
         WHEREAS, Cities, counties, school districts, port
  authorities, state agencies, and other public entities are
  responsible for providing critical services such as law
  enforcement, fire protection, utilities, public education, and
  transportation; by their very nature, these functions are subject
  to disruption through the adverse effects of natural disasters,
  criminal or terrorist acts, and other unpredictable situations; and
         WHEREAS, Managing these vulnerabilities is the work of public
  risk management professionals, who implement frameworks to reduce,
  transfer, accept, or mitigate inherent risks; these measures allow
  governments and institutions to improve safety, maintain fiscal
  stability, decrease liability, and reduce reputational damage; and
         WHEREAS, Public risk management professionals help governing
  bodies work within the constraints of state statutes, city
  charters, and accounting and budgeting guidelines, and they also
  manage litigation and claims administration, safety programs, and
  risk financing programs; in addition, they assist public entities
  in planning for the unexpected by scanning the environment for
  potential risks and proposing controls and mitigation plans, while
  balancing political oversight, budget constraints, and stakeholder
  expectations; and
         WHEREAS, By taking appropriate measures to identify,
  analyze, and treat risk, individuals in the field of public risk
  management play a vital role in enabling residents of the Lone Star
  State to live in safety, security, and prosperity, and they are
  indeed deserving of special recognition; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 86th Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize March 1, 2019, as Public Risk
  Management Awareness Day and extend to public risk management
  professionals across the state sincere gratitude for their