86R16687 BPG-D
  By: Bonnen of Brazoria H.R. No. 777
         WHEREAS, Lisa Helfman has demonstrated an exceptional
  commitment to the well-being of young Texans as the founder and
  chair of Brighter Bites; and
         WHEREAS, A nonprofit organization, Brighter Bites promotes
  healthy eating habits among children and their families through an
  evidence-based, multicomponent program in schools, preschools, and
  summer camps; it was created by Ms. Helfman in 2012 through a
  collaborative partnership between the Houston Food Bank and
  Dr. Shreela Sharma at The University of Texas School of Public
  Health; and
         WHEREAS, Brighter Bites provides produce and in-class
  nutrition education to underserved communities in Austin, Dallas,
  Houston, New York, southwest Florida, and Washington, D.C.; since
  its inception, it has donated more than 20 million pounds of fruits
  and vegetables to more than 240 schools and camps; giving people
  healthier options encourages them to make better food choices, and
  98 percent of the participants increased their consumption of fresh
  produce during the program season, with 74 percent maintaining the
  higher level following its conclusion; Brighter Bites received the
  2018 Partnership for a Healthier America Impact Award and the 2016
  Texas Health Champion Award; and
         WHEREAS, In her professional life, Lisa Helfman is director
  of real estate for the H-E-B Grocery Company; previously, as
  director of real estate services at Texas Children's Hospital, she
  centralized the institution's real estate operations; she began her
  career as an attorney with Vinson & Elkins, representing urban
  redevelopment clients, nonprofits, and government entities in
  financing deals, real estate, and other matters; a magna cum laude
  graduate of the University of Houston Law Center, she earned her
  bachelor's degree from Tulane University; she has been named 2019
  Humanitarian of the Year by the Houston-Galveston chapter of the
  Albert Schweitzer Fellowship; and
         WHEREAS, Through her outstanding contributions, Lisa Helfman
  has enabled families across the country to enjoy the benefits of
  healthier eating, and she is indeed deserving of this special
  recognition; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 86th Texas
  Legislature hereby honor Lisa Helfman for her work as founder and
  chair of Brighter Bites and extend to her and this noteworthy
  organization sincere best wishes for continued success; and, be it
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for Ms. Helfman as an expression of high regard by the
  Texas House of Representatives.