86R19757 KSM-D
  By: Zwiener H.R. No. 845
         WHEREAS, The citizens of San Marcos suffered a tragic loss
  when Officer Kenneth Malcolm Copeland of the San Marcos Police
  Department lost his life in the line of duty on December 4, 2017, at
  the age of 58; and
         WHEREAS, A native of Houma, Louisiana, Ken Copeland was born
  on November 26, 1959, to Nile and Theo Copeland; he grew up with the
  companionship of two brothers, David and Robert, and a sister,
  Jennifer, and he moved with his family to Houston in 1971; after
  graduating with a bachelor's degree from Sam Houston State
  University, he began his law enforcement career in 1982 as a
  corrections officer, working first in Huntsville with the Texas
  Department of Corrections and then in San Jose, California, from
  1988 to 1990; he went on to serve as a deputy sheriff with the Los
  Angeles County Sheriff's Office from 1990 to 1995; and
         WHEREAS, In March 1998, Officer Copeland took his oath as a
  member of the San Marcos Police Department, and while fulfilling
  his duties to the public, he continued his professional development
  by earning certification as a master peace officer; in addition, he
  concurrently spent 18 years in the United States Coast Guard, which
  included service in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and
  additional work providing port security as a maritime enforcement
  specialist in Corpus Christi; along the way, he also enjoyed
  working with children in various capacities, and in 2017, he was
  honored with the San Marcos PD Chief's Recognition Award for his
  contributions as a volunteer den leader for a local in-school
  scouting program; and
         WHEREAS, Officer Copeland was blessed with the love and
  support of his wife, Sheila Copeland, and he was the proud father of
  two sets of twin boys, Nile, Noah, James, and Jonah; he also
  treasured his nephews and nieces, Jason, Bradley, Joseph, Samantha,
  Stephanie, and Alyssa, and his goddaughter, Sophie; and
         WHEREAS, A courageous law enforcement officer, Ken Copeland
  embodied the highest ideals of his profession, and although he is
  greatly missed, his friendship, generosity, and selfless devotion
  to his family and community will remain a lasting source of
  inspiration; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 86th Texas
  Legislature hereby pay tribute to the memory of Officer Kenneth
  Malcolm Copeland and extend heartfelt condolences to his relatives,
  friends, and fellow officers; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for his family and that when the Texas House of
  Representatives adjourns this day, it do so in memory of Ken