86R19672 KSM-D
  By: Allen H.R. No. 846
         WHEREAS, James Augusta Farrar of Houston passed away on March
  19, 2017, at the age of 80, leaving behind a legacy that will be
  forever cherished by all those who held him dear; and
         WHEREAS, Born on January 1, 1937, James Farrar was the son of
  Dan Hill Farrar and Jesse May Hicks Farrar; he moved with his
  parents and his younger brother, Dan, from the community of Ten
  Mile, located near Madisonville, to Houston, and grew up in the
  city's East End; a graduate of Reagan High School, he went on to
  study architecture at The University of Texas at Austin; and
         WHEREAS, Mr. Farrar began his architectural career as a
  draftsman, and after completing an apprenticeship, he worked for
  Irving R. Klein & Associates, Neuhaus & Taylor, 3D Architects
  International, Lloyd Jones Brewer and Associates, and Hermes Reed
  Architects, before operating an independent firm with his youngest
  daughter; he designed and supervised the construction of several
  signature buildings in Houston and across the nation, and he
  managed projects that involved million-dollar budgets and hundreds
  of personnel; along the way, he was generous in serving as a mentor
  to younger architects, and he achieved emeritus status with the
  American Institute of Architects; and
         WHEREAS, In all his endeavors, Mr. Farrar enjoyed the love
  and support of his wife, Yolanda, with whom he shared 51 years, and
  the love and adoration of his five children, James, Gabriela,
  Kimber Leigh, Jessica, and John; nine grandchildren, Alexander,
  Mandy, Tammie, James, Christopher, Robert, Abigail, Wyatt, and
  Avery; and five great-grandchildren, Daniel, Jasmine, Chloe,
  Marley, and Colton; and
         WHEREAS, A lifelong learner who pursued many hobbies and
  interests, Mr. Farrar had a passion for hunting, fishing, and other
  outdoor activities, and he was also a gun collector and an expert
  marksman; in addition, he was a skilled photographer, and he was
  fond of traveling, building and repairing computers, and riding his
  motorcycle, a habit he continued into his 70s; and
         WHEREAS, Over the course of eight decades of life well lived,
  James Farrar distinguished himself as a talented architect, a
  devoted husband and father, and a true Renaissance man, and his
  achievements remain an inspiration to all who were privileged to
  know him; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 86th Texas
  Legislature hereby pay tribute to the memory of James Augusta
  Farrar and extend sincere sympathy to his relatives and friends;
  and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for his family and that when the Texas House of
  Representatives adjourns this day, it do so in memory of James