86R11470 BK-D
  By: Ashby H.R. No. 928
         WHEREAS, Bags of Love, a nonprofit organization based in
  Lufkin, is performing a valuable service to children who are facing
  the often traumatic experience of entering foster care; and
         WHEREAS, The organization was founded by Hallie Hatthorn, a
  former foster child, to provide a replacement for the trash bags
  that children are typically given to gather their belongings when
  being relocated to a foster home; through the help of donations and
  volunteers, Bags of Love works to supply duffel bags filled with
  toiletries, toys, blankets, and other items to foster children who
  may otherwise have very little to call their own; and
         WHEREAS, Bags of Love is a community partner of the Texas
  Department of Family and Protective Services, which often relies on
  donations from various charitable groups and initiatives to ensure
  the well-being of young victims of abuse and neglect to the fullest
  extent possible; since 2016, Bags of Love has delivered more than
  3,000 of its bags to child protective agencies across Texas and
  other states; and
         WHEREAS, A simple duffel bag containing care items can be a
  bright spot for children coping with feelings of loss, insecurity,
  and uncertainty, and Bags of Love is to be commended for its efforts
  to provide a measure of comfort to young people who are in great
  need of our advocacy; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 86th Texas
  Legislature hereby express support for Bags of Love and its mission
  to make transitions easier for children in the care of the Texas
  Department of Family and Protective Services.