86R26317 GM-D
  By: Bell of Montgomery H.R. No. 1226
         WHEREAS, Dr. Joe Layton Wall has enriched the lives of
  countless people through his spiritual leadership over the course
  of more than six decades; and
         WHEREAS, Dr. Wall began his service in the ministry when he
  became a youth pastor at age 17; committed to spreading the gospel,
  he focused on planting new Bible churches in the Houston area in the
  1970s, an initiative that coincided with his tenure as senior
  pastor of what is now BridgePoint Bible Church; he went on to serve
  as vice president of academic affairs for Dallas Bible College in
  the mid-1970s, and later in that decade, his vision of providing
  quality theological training to members of minority communities
  inspired him to found the Houston Bible Institute, which later
  became the College of Biblical Studies; and
         WHEREAS, In 1985, Dr. Wall organized the merger of several
  colleges and universities to form Colorado Christian University in
  Lakewood, Colorado, and he became the institution's first
  president; moreover, he helped establish the Foothills Institute of
  Biblical Studies in Colorado; in Texas, he has served as an adjunct
  faculty member of Dallas Theological Seminary, and he currently
  teaches as a professor at Grace School of Theology, a seminary in
  The Woodlands; and
         WHEREAS, Dr. Wall has also distinguished himself in
  missionary work; during the early 1990s, he joined the staff of
  Campus Crusade for Christ, and he worked closely with its founder,
  Bill Bright, to develop distance learning opportunities for
  students in the former Soviet Union; in 1994, he helped launch East
  West Ministries, which focuses on reaching out to underserved areas
  around the globe; the organization has since been involved in
  planting more than 171,000 churches in over 50 countries; he has
  held the offices of executive vice president of field ministries
  and vice president of training, and he has traveled the world to
  teach and guide the education of thousands of pastors and other
  church leaders; and
         WHEREAS, In addition to these achievements, Dr. Wall is the
  author of three books, one of which, Going for the Gold, has been
  translated into nearly a dozen languages; he has also been involved
  in radio programming for KHCB in Houston and KWBI in Denver; and
         WHEREAS, This esteemed clergyman has exemplified the highest
  standards of his vocation, and his many good works have earned him
  the lasting admiration and respect of all who know him; now,
  therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 86th Texas
  Legislature hereby honor Dr. Joe Layton Wall for his lifelong
  service in the ministry and extend to him sincere best wishes for
  the future; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for Dr. Wall as an expression of high regard by the Texas
  House of Representatives.