H.R. No. 2006
         WHEREAS, The management and staff of Univision are gathering
  in Austin on May 23, 2019, in celebration of Univision Day at the
  State Capitol; and
         WHEREAS, Univision has built an impressive record of success
  as a multimedia company primarily serving Hispanic Americans, and
  it has also distinguished itself through its exceptional community
  service endeavors; and
         WHEREAS, Committed to making a positive difference in the
  communities it serves, the company's Univision Contigo platform has
  worked to empower Hispanic Americans in such areas as health,
  education, and civic involvement; the initiative focuses on
  building strong minds, promoting healthy habits, and celebrating
  diversity through three pillars: Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Counted;
  launched in 2013, the social responsibility platform has been
  recognized by the Save the Children Foundation and has earned a
  Cynopsis Social Good Award, two Beacon Awards from the Association
  of Cable Communicators, the Cesar E. Chavez Community Service Award
  from the United States Hispanic Leadership Institute, and the
  Corporation of the Year Award from LULAC, among many other
  accolades; and
         WHEREAS, Univision provides diverse cultural representation
  and a powerful voice for the fastest-growing demographic in the
  nation, and its outreach efforts are encouraging countless people
  to become more deeply engaged in their communities; now, therefore,
  be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 86th Texas
  Legislature hereby recognize May 23, 2019, as Univision Day at the
  State Capitol and extend to the management and staff of Univision
  sincere best wishes for continued success.
Bonnen of Brazoria Guerra Noble
Allen Guillen Oliverson
Allison Gutierrez Ortega
Anchia Harless Pacheco
Anderson Harris Paddie
Ashby Hefner Parker
Bailes Hernandez Patterson
Beckley Herrero Paul
Bell of Kaufman Hinojosa Perez
Bell of Montgomery Holland Phelan
Bernal Howard Price
Biedermann Huberty Ramos
Blanco Hunter Raney
Bohac Israel Raymond
Bonnen of Galveston E. Johnson of Dallas Reynolds
Bowers J. Johnson of Dallas Rodriguez
Buckley Johnson of Harris Romero, Jr.
Bucy Kacal Rose
Burns King of Hemphill Rosenthal
Burrows King of Parker Sanford
Button King of Uvalde Schaefer
Cain Klick Shaheen
Calanni Krause Sheffield
Canales Kuempel Sherman, Sr.
Capriglione Lambert Shine
Clardy Landgraf Smith
Cole Lang Smithee
Coleman Larson Springer
Collier Leach Stephenson
Cortez Leman Stickland
Craddick Longoria Stucky
Cyrier Lopez Swanson
Darby Lozano Talarico
Davis of Dallas Lucio III Thierry
Davis of Harris Martinez Thompson of Brazoria
Dean Martinez Fischer Thompson of Harris
Deshotel Metcalf Tinderholt
Dominguez Meyer Toth
Dutton Meza Turner of Dallas
Farrar Middleton Turner of Tarrant
Fierro Miller VanDeaver
Flynn Minjarez Vo
Frank Moody Walle
Frullo Morales White
Geren Morrison Wilson
Gervin-Hawkins Muñoz, Jr. Wray
Goldman Murphy Wu
González of Dallas Murr Zedler
González of El Paso Neave Zerwas
Goodwin Nevárez Zwiener
  Speaker of the House     
         I certify that H.R. No. 2006 was adopted by the House on May 23,
  2019, by a non-record vote.
  Chief Clerk of the House