86R15779 BPG-D
  By: Hughes S.C.R. No. 52
         WHEREAS, Samuel Dale Allen has worked tirelessly to improve
  interactions between law enforcement and Texans with health
  conditions that may impede communication; and
         WHEREAS, A San Antonio native, Samuel Allen was diagnosed
  with high-functioning autism as a child; he began advocating for
  others with autism as a student, and he has helped educate the
  public about the condition; moreover, he has raised vital awareness
  of the misunderstandings that can occur when an officer makes a
  traffic stop involving someone with autism, Asperger Syndrome, mild
  intellectual disabilities, deafness, speech disorders, or other
  impediments; his accomplishments earned him a Spirit of Giving
  Award from the San Antonio Business Journal; and
         WHEREAS, Mr. Allen has been a strong voice in support of
  S.B. 976, which allows a person with a communication impediment the
  option to disclose this information when registering their vehicle
  through the Department of Motor Vehicles; this would place the
  diagnosis in the Texas Law Enforcement Telecommunication System,
  ensuring that an officer is alerted prior to approaching the
  vehicle, while maintaining the privacy of the driver; and
         WHEREAS, Through his dedicated efforts, Samuel Allen is
  helping to make encounters safer for officers and people with
  communication impediments, and his contributions have earned the
  respect and admiration of his fellow citizens; now, therefore, be
         RESOLVED, That the 86th Legislature of the State of Texas
  hereby commend Samuel Allen for his civic engagement and advocacy
  for individuals with communication impediments and, contingent on
  the passing of S.B. 976, recognize Section 502.061, Transportation
  Code, as the Samuel Allen Law.