WHEREAS, The Senate of the State of Texas is pleased to
  recognize women judges from across the state and to welcome them
  to Austin on April 8, 2019, on the occasion of Texas Women Judges' 
  Day at the State Capitol; and
         WHEREAS, Women judges in Texas have a storied history
  dating back to 1925, when Governor Pat Neff appointed Hortense
  Sparks Ward, Hattie Leah Henenberg, and Ruth Virginia Brazzil to
  serve as Texas Supreme Court justices for a case from which all of
  the existing judges on the court had recused themselves; and
         WHEREAS, The case involved a fraternal organization that
  had so many prominent members that no qualified male judges or
  attorneys could be found who did not have a conflict of interest;
  the women appointed to serve on the supreme court were all
  well-established attorneys, and these pioneering women formed
  the first court in the nation composed entirely of women; and
         WHEREAS, The first woman to hold a permanent position on a
  Texas bench was Sarah Tilghman Hughes, a highly esteemed state
  representative who was appointed to the 14th District Court in
  Dallas by Governor James Allred in 1935; Judge Hughes went on to
  win election to the seat for a full term and was reelected for six
  more terms; in 1961, she became the first woman to serve as a
  federal district judge in Texas; and
         WHEREAS, Since that time, numerous women have served with
  distinction on the Texas Supreme Court and on the Texas Court of
  Criminal Appeals; and
         WHEREAS, Today, more than 1,100 women preside over courts
  throughout the state; they exemplify the highest standards of
  judicial conduct, and their dedication to public service is truly
  an inspiration to us all; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the Senate of the State of Texas, 86th
  Legislature, hereby commend the women judges of Texas for their
  service and their commitment to equal justice under the law and
  extend to them best wishes for a memorable Texas Women Judges' 
  Day at the State Capitol; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That a copy of this Resolution be prepared in
  honor of this special occasion.
  West, Huffman, Zaffirini
Alvarado Hancock Paxton
Bettencourt Hinojosa Perry
Birdwell Hughes Powell
Buckingham Johnson Rodríguez
Campbell Kolkhorst Schwertner
Creighton Lucio Seliger
Fallon Menéndez Taylor
Flores Miles Watson
Hall Nelson Whitmire
  Patrick, President of the Senate
        President of the Senate
        I hereby certify that the
    above Resolution was adopted by
    the Senate on April 8, 2019.
        Secretary of the Senate
         Member, Texas Senate
         Member, Texas Senate
         Member, Texas Senate