COMMITTEE:    Criminal Jurisprudence 

TIME & DATE:  1:30 PM, Monday, March 18, 2019 

PLACE:       E2.012 
CHAIR:       Rep. Nicole Collier 


*Public testimony may be limited to three (3) minutes.*


If submitting written documentation, please provide 12 copies (with your name on each) to the committee clerk during the hearing, if possible.


The order in which bills are heard is at the discretion of the chair.


If you intend to testify, please register using the electronic witness affirmation form, which will be available at any registration kiosk located throughout the Capitol Extension.


Witness registration will open approximately two (2) hours prior to the start of the hearing and must be completed prior to testifying.



HB 85          González, Mary          
Relating to the prosecution of the offense of indecency with a child.

HB 352         Blanco                 
Relating to warrants issued to obtain cell site information through the use of a cell site simulator device and to public access to certain information relating to investigatory equipment; creating a criminal offense.

HB 353         Blanco                 
Relating to law enforcement access to cell site information stored by certain entities providing wireless service to a wireless communications device.

HB 442         Meyer                  
Relating to the statute of limitations for the offense of abandoning or endangering a child.

HB 549         Canales                
Relating to an objection to the judge assigned in a criminal case.

HB 601         Price                  
Relating to procedures and reporting requirements regarding criminal defendants who are or may be persons with a mental illness or an intellectual disability.

HB 940         Davis, Sarah | et al.   
Relating to the unlawful restraint of a dog; creating a criminal offense.

HB 1030        Moody                  
Relating to certain sentencing procedures in a capital case.

HB 1139        Thompson, Senfronia | et al. 
Relating to the applicability of the death penalty to a capital offense committed by a person with an intellectual disability.

HB 1223        VanDeaver              
Relating to the creation of a criminal offense relating to interference with child custody and to the prosecution and enforcement of child custody offenses.

HB 1279        Allen                  
Relating to jury instructions regarding parole eligibility.

HB 1357        Wu                     
Relating to the prosecution of and punishment for the criminal offense of failure to report certain sexual offenses committed against a child; increasing criminal penalties.

HB 1499        Metcalf | et al.        
Relating to authorizing the comptroller to release a reported owner's unclaimed property to the owner's crime victim in certain circumstances.

HB 1936        Rose | et al.           
Relating to the applicability of the death penalty to a capital offense committed by a person with severe mental illness.

HB 1996        Leman                  
Relating to admonitions given by a court to a defendant before accepting a plea of guilty or nolo contendere.




Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need assistance, such as a sign language interpreter, are requested to contact Stacey Nicchio at (512) 463-0850, 72 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.