COMMITTEE:††† Public Education†

TIME & DATE:† 11:30 AM or upon final adjourn./recess or bill referral if permission granted
Tuesday, February 19, 2019†

PLACE:†††††† E2.036†
CHAIR:†††††† Rep. Dan Huberty†


*The order in which bills are heard is at the discretion of the chair*

*Testimony will be limited to two (2) minutes*


HB 55††††††††† GonzŠlez, Mary
Relating to class size limits and student/teacher ratios for prekindergarten classes provided by or on behalf of public schools.

HB 65††††††††† Johnson, Eric†††††††††††
Relating to reporting information regarding public school disciplinary actions.

HB 102†††††††† Bernal†††††††††††††††††
Relating to a school district assigning a mentor teacher to a new classroom teacher.

HB 108†††††††† GonzŠlez, Mary††††††††††
Relating to establishing a pilot program under which public schools may use a digital portfolio method to assess student performance in grades three through eight for purposes of accountability and qualification for promotion.

HB 109†††††††† Martinez†††††††††††††††
Relating to the operation of open-enrollment charter schools on Memorial Day.

HB 111†††††††† GonzŠlez, Mary††††††††††
Relating to training for employees of school districts and open-enrollment charter schools on the prevention of sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and other maltreatment of certain children.

HB 116†††††††† GonzŠlez, Mary††††††††††
Relating to improving training and staff development for primary and secondary educators to enable them to more effectively serve all students.

HB 120†††††††† GonzŠlez, Mary††††††††††
Relating to the exemption of certain public school students of limited English proficiency from certain state-administered assessment instruments.

HB 128†††††††† Hinojosa†††††††††††††††
Relating to school district notification to a parent of physical fitness assessment results of the parent's child.

HB 134†††††††† Swanson††††††††††††††††
Relating to the form of ballot propositions in an election seeking authorization for the issuance of school district bonds supported by property taxes.

HB 165†††††††† Bernal†††††††††††††††††
Relating to providing for endorsements for public high school students enrolled in special education programs.

HB 187†††††††† Reynolds†††††††††††††††
Relating to the election of trustees of certain school districts.



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of the schedule, if applicable.


Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who may need assistance, such as a sign language interpreter, are requested to contact Stacey Nicchio at (512) 463-0850, 72 hours prior to the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.