COMMITTEE: Public Education

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

CHAIR: Rep. Dan Huberty


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and challenges in scheduling public hearings at this time, the House Committee on Public Education is conducting necessary oversight functions through an information gathering process under Section 301.014, Government Code.


This is notice that the House Committee on Public Education is seeking information and input from the public; public school districts; and relevant associations such as those representing independent and private schools, faculty associations, parent associations, and teacher associations in regards to the topics and questions as outlined below. Submissions received in response to this request will be transmitted to members of the committee and posted on the House website.


Submission Guidelines


                Submissions must be in Microsoft Word, written in a 10 point font or larger.

                Please submit a separate document for each topic to which you are responding.

                Submissions are to be limited to 5 pages of text in length.

                Submissions must be submitted via e-mail to


Please include the following information in the submission email: submitter name, organization, or entity (if applicable and an authorized representative), mailing address, email, and telephone number.


The deadline for all submissions is Wednesday, September 30, 2020.


Comments received in response to this Request for Information will be publicly posted on TLO, TLIS, and the House website. When submitting comments, please remove any personal identifying information, such as your personal phone number, residence address, or e-mail address.


The Committee seeks the following information related to the COVID-19 pandemic:


1.  Are Texas public schools ensuring the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff during the 2020 Fall Semester?  When applicable, please speak directly to classroom and lab settings, and cafeterias. 


2. What plans are in place for on-campus COVID-19 testing? Do school districts have the capacity to provide testing on campus, both in terms of available supplies and labs to process tests? 


3. If applicable, what are plans for athletics this Fall?  How will student athletes be kept safe? If fans will be permitted to attend events, how will fans be kept safe? 


4. What do projected enrollment figures and formula funding look like for this school year?


5. Has there been a noticeable impact on staff or faculty retention with regard to concerns about the pandemic?


6. How have state and federal COVID-related funds already impacted budgets?


7. How has the pandemic affected the overall financial status of small and rural school districts?