COMMITTEE:    Transportation 

TIME & DATE:  2:00 PM or upon final adjourn./recess or bill referral if permission granted
Wednesday, April 3, 2019 

PLACE:       E2.030 
CHAIR:       Rep. Terry Canales 


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HB 130         Minjarez | et al.       
Relating to authorizing an increase in an optional county fee on vehicle registration in certain counties.

HB 1732        Davis, Yvonne           
Relating to the facilitation of a funeral procession by a vehicle escort service.

HB 2163        Bernal                 
Relating to the types of vehicles regulated as neighborhood electric vehicles.

HB 2292        Buckley                
Relating to the operation of a slow-moving vehicle on an improved shoulder.

HB 2301        Landgraf               
Relating to the operation of personal delivery and mobile carrying devices.

HB 2449        Springer               
Relating to the acquisition of real property by the Texas Department of Transportation to protect a state highway.

HB 2495        Thompson, Ed            
Relating to the considerations when determining whether a person is an employee of a motor carrier or an independent contractor.

HB 2531        Romero, Jr.            
Relating to the powers of certain regional transportation authorities.

HB 2679        Craddick               
Relating to damage to certain state transportation infrastructure resulting from certain motor vehicle accidents; creating a criminal offense.

HB 2715        Rodriguez              
Relating to a study by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute on motor-assisted scooters.

HB 2769        Ortega | et al.         
Relating to authorizing an increase in an optional county fee on vehicle registration in certain counties.

HB 2833        Canales                
Relating to certain contracts requiring competitive bidding by the Texas Department of Transportation.

HB 2834        Canales                
Relating to access to information related to investigations by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

HB 2835        Canales                
Relating to a defense to prosecution for the criminal offense of operating a vehicle with an expired license plate.

HB 3051        Thompson, Senfronia     
Relating to damage to a motor vehicle caused by the vehicle being flooded.

HB 3088        Martinez               
Relating to an exemption for certain purchasing personnel of the Texas Department of Transportation from training on state purchasing.

HB 3207        Deshotel               
Relating to the maritime port plans, reports, and programs prepared by the Port Authority Advisory Committee.

HB 3216        Israel                 
Relating to 72-hour and 144-hour registration permits for commercial motor vehicles, trailers, semitrailers, and motor buses.

HB 3221        Krause                 
Relating to the issuance of certain license plates and tags.

HB 3353        Bucy                   
Relating to authorizing an optional county fee on vehicle registration in certain counties to be used for transportation projects.

HB 3368        Morrison               
Relating to outdoor advertising signs regulated by the Texas Department of Transportation.

HB 3767        Nevárez                
Relating to the maintenance of certain roads near an international border.

HB 4362        Nevárez                
Relating to peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platforms, the collection, remittance, and administration of certain taxes on those platforms, and fees collected by those platforms.

HB 4498        Guillen                
Relating to the reimbursement of excess costs incurred by a recipient of certain grants awarded by the Texas Department of Transportation.

HCR 36         Bailes                 
Designating February as Hit-and-Run Awareness Month for a 10-year period beginning in 2019.

HCR 64         VanDeaver              
Encouraging the Texas Department of Transportation to develop and support bikeway network projects.

HCR 70         Muñoz, Jr.             
Urging the Hidalgo County Metropolitan Planning Organization to include Produce Road in the Hidalgo County MPO Thoroughfare Plan.


Notice of this meeting was announced from the house floor.




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HB 3221


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