COMMITTEE:     Business & Commerce 

TIME & DATE:   8:00 AM, Tuesday, April 23, 2019 

PLACE:         E1.012 (Hearing Room) 
CHAIR:         Senator Kelly Hancock 



To be considered:


HB 81          Canales | et al.         SP: Hinojosa
Relating to the disclosure under the public information law of certain information related to parades, concerts, or other entertainment events open to the general public that are paid for with public funds.

HB 402         Thompson, Senfronia      SP: Zaffirini
Relating to the adoption of the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act.

SB 785         Johnson                
Relating to the hours for the sale or delivery of certain alcoholic beverages.

SB 897         Hancock
Relating to the regulation of salvage vehicle dealers.

SB 921         West                   
Relating to persons entitled to a mechanic's lien on real property.

SB 938         Flores | et al.         
Relating to the applicability of the requirements relating to the adoption of a new state agency rule by the Parks and Wildlife Department.

HB 1397        Phelan | et al.          SP: Nichols
Relating to the establishment of rates for certain non-ERCOT utilities.

SB 1444        Perry                  
Relating to the authority of rural hospitals to establish a health care collaborative.

SB 1456        Flores                 
Relating to the requirement for performance bonds from certain public work contractors.

SB 1655        Hancock | et al.
Relating to the sampling of distilled spirits provided by the manufacturer to a retailer of distilled spirits.

SB 1854        Paxton | et al.
Relating to the inclusion of local school health advisory councils as governmental bodies for purposes of the open meetings law and the public information law.

SB 1882        Buckingham             
Relating to voting by physicians at certain entities to authorize the differentiation of physicians based on maintenance of certification.

SB 2340        West                   
Relating to the administration of "pay for success" contracts for state agencies.

SB 2380        Hughes                 
Relating to the creation of certain pilot programs to encourage economic and educational opportunities in certain regions of this state.

Pending business




Public testimony will be limited to 3 minutes. If submitting written testimony, please provide 20 copies to the committee clerk with your name and bill number on each copy.


You may register for this hearing using the Senate kiosk located in the extension hallways or by going to http://swrs.




Bills added after last posting:

SB 897

SB 1655


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