HB 8


              Homeland Security & Public Safety Committee

              March 6, 2019 - 8:00 AM

                       For :

                                 Baker, Lauren (Self; Deeds Not Words)

                                 Black, Jenny (Self; SAFE Alliance)

                                 Davis, Delaney (Deeds Not Words)

                                 Gonzales, Juliana (Self; SAFE Alliance)

                                 Kaiser, Chris (Texas Association Against Sexual Assault)

                                 Masters, Bertha Lavinia (Self)

                                 Shahane, Rhea (Deeds Not Words)

                                 Zeko, Tatum (Deeds Not Words)

                       Registering, but not testifying:

                       For :

                                 Allmon, Jennifer (Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops)

                                 Arrambide, Aimee (Self; Naral pro-choice)

                                 Bertrand, Aimee (Harris County Commissioners Court)

                                 Camacho, Priscilla (Dallas Regional Chamber)

                                 Carriker, Sarah (League of Women Voters)

                                 Chu, Nicholas (Self; Justice of the Peace and Constables Association)

                                 Davis, Wendy (Self; Deeds not words)

                                 DeFrates, Ana (Self; Survivor Justice Project)

                                 Dighe, Ashka (Deeds Not Words)

                                 Francis, Will (National Association of Social Workers - Texas Chapter)

                                 Gallego, Pete (Bexar County Criminal Dist Atty’s Ofc)

                                 Green, Christina (Children's Advocacy Centers of Texas, Inc.)

                                 Gutierrez, Bobby (Self; Justice of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas)

                                 Haverlah, Kirsha (Self)

                                 Houston, Joshua (Texas Impact)

                                 Jerwick, Sophie (Deeds Not Words)

                                 Johnson, Noel (TMPA)

                                 Jones, Chris (CLEAT)

                                 Louderback, AJ (Self; Sheriffs Association of Texas)

                                 Martin, Emily (Self)

                                 Ostrander, Rita (Combined Law Enforcement Associations of Texas)

                                 Ott, Olivia (Self; Austin Justice Coalition)

                                 Pantel, Jama (Justices of the Peace and Constables Association of Texas)

                                 Parkinson, Thomas (Self)

                                 Phan, Linda (Texas council on family violence)

                                 Piccola, Kyle (The Arc of Texas)

                                 Reed, Charles (Dallas County Commissioners Court)

                                 Reyes, Andrea (Self; Deeds Not Words)

                                 Rhodes, Terrence (Dallas Police Department)

                                 Rhodes, Terrence (Dallas Police Department)

                                 Robinson, Deneen (Self; The Afiya Center)

                                 Rocap, Blake (NARAL Pro-Choice Texas)

                                 Smith, Jamaal (Office of Mayor, City of Houston)

                                 Stephens, Stephanie (Nacogdoches County Attorney)

                                 Tucker, Terra (Alliance for Safety and Justice)

                                 Wang, Jasmine (Self; NARAL Pro Choice Texas)

                                 Wilkison, Charley (National Latino Officers Association, Dallas CLEAT)

                       On :

                                 Garcia, Lynn (Texas Forensic Science Commission)

                                 Hearn, Skylor (DPS)

                                 Lesko, Michael (Texas DPS)