HB 906


              Public Health Committee

              March 13, 2019 - 10:30 AM or upon final adjourn./recess or bill referral if permission granted

                       For :

                                 Arnold, Ashley (Self; Texas Association of School Psychologists)

                                 Gulley, Annalee (Mental Health America of Greater Houston)

                                 Zimmermann, Denise (Self)

                       Against :

                                 Linahan, Alice (Self; Women on the Wall)

                       On :

                                 Spiller, Lee (Citizens Commission on Human Rights)

                                 Welch, Alycia (Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health University of Texas at


                       Registering, but not testifying:

                       For :

                                 Banning, Tom (Texas Academy of Family Physicians)

                                 Blood   (Self)

                                 Bocchini, Claire (Self; Texas pediatrics society for hb 252 only, doctors for change for all


                                 Dawn-Fisher, Lisa (Texas State Teachers Association)

                                 De Sosa, Linda (Self)

                                 Ding, Erica (Self; Doctors for Change)

                                 Dorland, Julie (Self)

                                 Dossman, Elizabeth (Self)

                                 Flanagan, Mark (Self)

                                 Francis, Will (National Association of Social Workers - Texas Chapter)

                                 Friese, Jan (Texas Counseling Association)

                                 Gonzalez, Dax (Texas Association of School Boards)

                                 Grissom, Darren (TX PTA)

                                 Grothues, PhD, Carol (Self; Texas Psychological Association)

                                 Hoover, Helen (Self)

                                 Hou, Nova (Self)

                                 Hunter II, Carl F. (Self)

                                 Jones   (Self)

                                 Kelly, Bill (Mayor’s Office, City of Houston)

                                 Khot, Sharwin (Self)

                                 Kimberly, Knox (Upbring)

                                 Kunish, Eric (Self; National Alliance on Mental Illness Austin Affiliate Advocacy

                                 Committee Chair)

                                 Lam, Wilson (Self)

                                 Lanagan, Lindsay (Legacy Community Health)

                                 Lin, Amanda (Self)

                                 Lin, Sophie (Self)

                                 Lowery, Ryan (Self)

                                 Lucy, Jennifer (Texprotects)

                                 Masey, Chris (Coalition  of  Texans  with  Disabilities)

                                 Mellor-Crummey, Lauren (Self)

                                 Miller, Jeff (Disability Rights Texas)

                                 Nichols, Colby (Austin ISD)

                                 Piccola, Kyle (The Arc of Texas)

                                 Piccola, Kyle (The Arc of Texas)

                                 Quinzi, Patty (TX-American Federation of Teachers)

                                 Reddy, Rajadhar (Self)

                                 Robinson, Marc (Self)

                                 Romero, Michelle (Texas Medical Association)


                                                                              WITNESS LIST

              HB 906


              Public Health Committee

                                 Sabo, Jason (Children at Risk)

                                 Sauceda, Nataly (United Ways of Texas)

                                 Saxton, Josette (Texans Care for Children)

                                 Smith, Reginald (Texas Criminal Justice Coalition)

                                 Soeung, Melinda (Self; Doctors For Change)

                                 Sughrue, Alissa (National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Texas)

                                 Thomason, Alyssa (Self; Doctors for Change)

                                 Turner, Ashlea (Houston ISD)

                                 Williams, Paige (Texas Classroom Teachers Association)

                                 Wilson, Columba (Self)

                                 Winckler, Britanny (Self)

                                 Wong, Christopher (Self)

                                 Wu, Nathaniel (Self)

                                 Yanas, Christine (Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas , Inc.)

                       On :

                                 Ita, Trina (HHSC)