Urban Affairs Committee

            February 14, 2019 - 8:00 AM

            Invited Testimony


                                 Arriaga, Roger (Texas Affiliation of Affordable Housing Providers (TAAHP))

                                 Boston, Brooke (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs)

                                 Cervantes, David (Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs)

                                 Hoover, Dennis (Self; Rural Rental Housing Assoc. of Texas)

                                 Kelley, Nathan (Self; Blazer / TAAHP)

                                 Long, David (Texas State Affordable Housing Corp)

                                 Love, John (Texas Municipal League)

                                 McIver, Diana (TALHFA)

                                 Riddle, John (Self; Texas State Association of Firefighters)

                                 Rutland, Tim (Texas Commission on Fire Protection)

                                 Shannon, Michael (City of San Antonio)

                                 Stephens, Lisa (Self; TAAHP)

                                 Talerico, Jeanne (Texas association of local housing finance agencies)

                                 Wilt, Michael (Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation)