Amend HB 9 (house committee printing) on page 3, between lines 18 and 19, by inserting the following appropriately numbered designated subsection:
(____)  Out of money appropriated by Subsection (a) of this section, the amount of $200,000,000 may be used only to provide funding for grants for training law enforcement officers in counties adjacent to this state's international border with Mexico during the state fiscal biennium beginning September 1, 2021. Department officers must receive appropriate training, including academy and in-service training, in the following:
(1)  immigration law related to protections for victims of crime or persecution;
(2)  use of force and tactical withdrawal in reducing the need for lethal force;
(3)  social and cultural sensitivity toward border communities and the impact of border operations on communities and residents;
(4)  language and basic cultural awareness of major migrant-sending nations;
(5)  best practices in community policing and civil and human rights;
(6)  response to grievances and referral of complaints; and
(7)  identification of and response to vulnerable populations, including persons expressing potential grounds for asylum, children, victims of crime and human trafficking, and individuals fleeing persecution or torture.