Amend SB 4 (house committee report) as follows:
(1)  On page 4, line 27, between "(a)," and "(c),", insert "(b),".
(2)  On page 5, strike lines 10 through 15, and substitute the following:
(2)  except as otherwise provided by Subsection (b), the provision[, prescription, or administration] of the abortion-inducing drug satisfies the protocol tested and authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration as outlined in the final printed label of the abortion-inducing drug.
(3)  On page 5, between lines 15 and 16, insert the following:
(b)  A person may provide[, prescribe, or administer] the abortion-inducing drug in the dosage amount prescribed by the clinical management guidelines defined by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Practice Bulletin as those guidelines.
(4)  On page 7, strike lines 24 through 27 and renumber subsequent SECTIONS of the bill accordingly.