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  87S30286 BPG-D
  By: Rogers H.C.R. No. 11
         WHEREAS, The Bible has filled many roles in the saga of Texas,
  serving as a social and cultural touchstone that has been integral
  to the state's history and development; and
         WHEREAS, In the early 1800s, as settlement of Texas gained
  momentum, the Bible provided a vital cultural link between Catholic
  Tejanos and Protestant Anglo Americans; although their backgrounds
  differed in many respects, shared traditions helped to unite them
  and to further their pursuit of greater freedom and, ultimately,
  independence from Spanish and later Mexican rule; and
         WHEREAS, During the Texas Revolution, such heroic figures as
  Sam Houston, William Travis, Juan Seguin, and Davy Crockett carried
  their Bibles for wisdom and inspiration; a Bible believed to be Sam
  Houston's own has been used to swear in more than 30 Texas governors
  in an enduring inaugural tradition, and it serves as a powerful
  symbol of continuity and state leadership; and
         WHEREAS, Comprehensive recordkeeping was not carried out by
  local and state government during the 19th century; instead, life
  events such as births, marriages, and deaths were written in family
  Bibles; many of these cherished volumes were passed down through
  the generations and are now included in the state's archives,
  providing a vital resource for historians; and
         WHEREAS, The State of Texas grants official recognition to
  symbols that resonate broadly with the public and that have played
  an important part in shaping our state's identity; as a prominent
  element in the rich fabric of our Texas heritage, the Bible is truly
  deserving of such acknowledgment; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the 87th Legislature of the State of Texas,
  3rd Called Session, hereby designate the Bible as the official
  state book of Texas.