H.R. No. 129
         WHEREAS, The City of Victoria is celebrating the 150th
  anniversary of the Victoria Fire Department with an open house on
  November 6, 2021; and
         WHEREAS, In 1869, in response to several local fires, a group
  of residents formed a bucket brigade and Victoria Fire Company
  No. 1, a volunteer group that disbanded after a few months; the City
  of Victoria formally authorized the formation of a downtown engine
  house on June 5, 1870; the following year, C. R. Alden, a tradesman
  with experience in fire organizations, laid the foundation for the
  current department, and a used hand pumper was purchased from
  Mobile, Alabama, to aid in fire-suppression efforts; and
         WHEREAS, In the decades that followed, several other fire
  response groups arose within the community; Fire Company No. 1
  formed in 1882, Hook & Ladder Company No. 2 in 1882-1883,
  Protection Hose Company No. 3 in 1885, and Mechanic's Hose Company
  No. 4 in 1893; over time, the department continued to modernize,
  and in 1910, the city hired its first salaried firefighters; by
  1930, the department was fully motorized with two combination
  pumper and hose trucks, a straight-hose truck, and a chief's car,
  and in 1931 Salvage Corps Company No. 5 was established; the
  department consolidated with the City of Victoria emergency medical
  services into one organization in 1995; and
         WHEREAS, Under the direction of fire chief Tracy Fox, the
  present-day Victoria FD answers approximately 11,000 service
  requests each year and now includes teams for hazardous materials
  response, technical rescue, and water rescue; with strong ties to
  the community, the department also participates in a number of
  safety and educational programs for area residents, and in 2018 it
  was recognized for best practices by the Texas Fire Chiefs
  Association; and
         WHEREAS, For 150 years, the courageous firefighters of the
  Victoria Fire Department have devoted themselves to protecting the
  lives and property of their fellow citizens, and this notable
  milestone represents a fitting opportunity to recognize their vital
  contributions to the community; now, therefore, be it
         RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 87th Texas
  Legislature, 3rd Called Session, hereby commemorate the 150th
  anniversary of the Victoria Fire Department and extend to its
  members sincere best wishes for continued success with their
  important work; and, be it further
         RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be
  prepared for the department as an expression of high regard by the
  Texas House of Representatives.
  Speaker of the House     
         I certify that H.R. No. 129 was adopted by the House on
  October 18, 2021, by a non-record vote.
  Chief Clerk of the House