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Amend CSHB 11 (house committee printing) on page 3 as follows:
(1)  On line 1, strike "and".
(2)  On line 6, strike the underlined period and substitute an underlined semicolon.
(3)  Between lines 6 and 7, insert the following:
(5)  protect circuits containing critical infrastructure;
(6)  implement reasonable measures to reduce demand during periods of peak demand and periods of projected inadequate power supply; and
(7)  notify the following of a widespread power outage that is likely to last more than 24 hours:
(A)  the Texas Division of Emergency Management;
(B)  the commission;
(C)  the independent organization certified under Section 39.151 for the ERCOT power region, if the utility's service area is in ERCOT; and
(D)  retail electric customers served by the cooperative or utility.